Fasitua Amosa – Auckland Daze X Le Tonu


** Update 2 ** 

Auckland Daze starts back on TV One tonight (05 Dec 13) #YEEEEESPLEEEEEASE like it’s on right now so don’t miss out!

I also just wanted to update this post again because the first time I watched this video I was nearly crying laughing aye?  Oh and it’s probably best to watch the original video here first to get the hilarity of Fasitua’s call-out.  Chur Churrrr!


** Update **

I’d originally posted up on on Fasi at the end of last year when Auckland Daze first hit our TV screens and I’m sure you all watched and cried laughing just like me.  You can read more about Auckland Daze below but the bro Fasitua together with Beulah Koale and Max Palamo are performing in a play which opened on Tuesday night:  Le Tonu:  The Decision.


I haven’t had a chance to go see it yet but I thought I’d share the What, Where, Whens  with you cos Sharing is Caring and maybe you’ll want to go see it too!  Details below c/- iTicket

Le Tonu:  The Decision

Devised and Performed by Fasitua Amosa, Beulah Koale and Max Palamo

Directed and Devised by Shadon Meredith and Amelia Reid-Meredith
Presented by Polynesian Laboratory

at The Basement, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland
Until 30 Mar 2013

Adults only $20 – you can get your tickets here 

Our Elders are the Promised Land, Our Parents are the gatekeepers and whether you choose to see it or not we are the key with which we have the choice to open the gate or keep it locked.

Originally developed in 2012 as Hypothesis One: A compound reaction from New Zealand born Samoans.

Le Tonu is a story of three generations, caught between two cultures with one decision.

“If P LAB continue to make work of this quality… We’re all in for a treat”
‘Lexi Matheson

“Hypothesis One is a pointer to the future of Pasifika theatre: New Zild theatre that’s also Pasifika theatre, and vice versa”
– David Mamea

** Original Auckland Daze Post below **

So one of the things that gave my friends & I lots of laughs last summer was the online show Auckland Daze introduced to me by my mate Niko.   The first time I watched it I swear I got an abs workout from laughing so much!

OK so technically it wasn’t actually summer when this first came out but watevs!  My friends Del, Niko & I used our repertoire of one liners from the show pretty much all summer whenever we were in contact.

Favourites being:

YEEEEES PLEEEEEEASE! (actually we’re still saying this)



Auckland Daze is written & directed by Millen Baird (he also stars in it) and features an actual honest to God ninja, a dwarf and Fasitua Amosa who I first remember from being the naked dude in ‘The Insiders Guide to Happiness” (um thinking out loud right now but I think this Magic Mouli thing must run in the family maybe? *cough* Ron lol) as well as a bunch of cameos from the likes of Robbie Magasiva & a host of other well known NZ personalities.

I’d first met Fasi & Millen when my mate Jandals took me to see Fasi’s stand up comedy show “Ruuuufless” & then had also seen him at a lot of David Dallas gigs – turns out his brothers Ron & Toma are in Daves band ‘The Daylight Robbery” – small world aye?  Took the opportunity to tell him I was a huge fan of Auckland Daze when I bumped into him again at the ‘Rose Tint’ Pop up store in Ponsonby earlier in the year.

Yup this is me being a Stan ‘Hiiiii Fasi can I have a photo?’ (more fan pics later)

They shot 6 episodes of Auckland Daze for online viewing and also released a Xmas special.

Right now I’m really excited because Auckland Daze is coming to TV!!  Thats right folks!  Auckland Daze is coming to our (NZ) screens with the 1st episode showing on the 23rd of August at 10pm on TV1 #yeeeees pleeeeeease  Don’t miss out!  Guaranteed LOLZ.

My friends Niko & Jandals got to interview both Fasi & Millen on their Drive Thru show on Niu FM (103.8fm) earlier in the year so went up to the studio groupie styles & took fan pics up there too – In there!  Swimwear 🙂  Check out more info on Auckland Daze here.


Millen & Fasi doing ‘Acting Badly’

With the Drive Thru Boys

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