Spotify Playlists!  Thats that ish i DO like!

I’d seen my sister tweet about Spotify and how New Zealand finally had it so asked her to show me what it was all about.  She helped me download it & showed me some good playlists to subscribe to and how I could make my own playlists.  I didn’t really use it or even try it out until one day I’d forgotten to take my ipod in to work and had no music – Arrrrrggghh!  I’m one of those people that needs music to be able to concentrate lol!

Downloaded it to my work pc (ssshhhh!) and I’ve been sorted for music ever since.  There’s so much music to choose from it’s great.  I’ve been bugging both Nate (drive time DJ on Mai FM) & my mate Del (who is also a DJ) to throw up some of their playlists on Spotify.  Nate does a show every Sunday night from 10pm – midnight called Sunday night Slow Jams and he plays the meanest old school (well, from my high school era anyway lol) slow jams.  If you’re in Auckland, New Zealand make sure you tune in on 88.6fm.  He still hasn’t put his playlists up but lately I’ve taken to putting them together on Spotify myself – he pretty much tweets the playlist on the night so if I’ve missed it I just scroll through his twitter lol

The other great thing about Spotify is they have all the latest album releases on there so if you’re not sure you want to buy the whole album you can listen to it on Spotify first.  New albums I’ve had on repeat every day is Nas’ ‘Good Life’ & Rick Ross’ ‘God Forgives I don’t’ plus all of Kendrick Lamars albums.  Looking forward to Good Kid MAAd city!!

Check out a review on Spotify here

and to download Spotify just go to

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