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I’ve loved Playlists since I’ve been able to put them together – I’ve gone from taping radio shows to try and catch my favourite songs on cassette in high school, to putting my ‘mixes’ on cds, creating them on itunes for my phones or ipod & more recently Spotify!

Was reminded of how much I love playlists when Life + Times (Jay-Zs website) featured what Gwyneth Paltrow had on heavy rotation this summer.  Checked it out to discover that she likes ‘The Recipe’ (Kendrick Lamar ft Dr Dre) too!!  Girl has great taste in music 🙂

Some of my favourite articles on one of my favourite blog sites The Smoking Section have also been where they’ll put together a playlist consisting of each writers favourite song for that month “Crew Love” or when they’ll do a playlist on a particular artist or topic for example Jay-Z’s 10 best guest appearances. so figured I’d share one of mine too.  Yeah, I’m not Gwyneth but it’s my blog so I’ll share if I want to lol!  You can check out Gwyneth Paltrows Summer Jams here

I don’t actually have this as a set playlist but thought I’d do my “Top Ten songs that never get old to me”  in no particular order.

1. Good Luv – Jodeci 

From their album The Show, The After Party, The Hotel.  I love Jodeci more than Boyz 2 Men – there I said it lol!  and this is one of my all time favourite faves.  This song NEVER gets old to me.  Recently my friend Del taught me how to play it on the guitar so yeah, I feel pretty cool aye?

2. Daughter – Pearl Jam 

Reminds me of garage drinks with my cousins back in our teenage days – this song was guaranteed to be played and sung along to at some point of the night

3. You’re All I need – Method Man ft Mary J Blige

I used to have a celeb crush on Meth & this ones a classic.  Did I mention I can rap the whole song off by heart too?  Yeeeeah buddy!  Plus the vids awesome.

4. ‘Til You Do Me Right – After 7

This was another one of me & my cousins garage drinks songs believe it or not – ummmm I’m not really sure why but its a great one to sing along to.  It always brings a smile to my face whenever I hear it.

5. Let her Cry – Hootie & the Blowfish 

This one rounds out my trilogy of teenage garage drinks songs from back in the day.  Again, I think it was the fact that its singable and also because one of my cousins in particular made all the girls cry, especially his (many) girlfriends lol!  Hey I’ve always thought the lead singer looks like Tiger Woods too!  No?  Just me?

6. Bring it on to me – Sam Cooke 

Classic.  #thatisall

7. Love & Honesty – Tapuarii ft Fiji  AND Sosefina – Fiji  (oosh we have a tie)

Yes I am a fob lol I’ve already bagsed ‘Love & Honesty’ in case I get married any time soon & Sosefina is just one of those really beautiful island love songs that even if you’re not Samoan & you don’t understand the lyrics – you feel it!

8. Can’t get you off my mind – Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz is just hotness & he comes in a close 2nd to the Rock btw.  This is one of my all times faves of his songs and even my kids belt out the song whenever I play it.  Oh and I can play this one on the guitar too – shot!

9. Life Goes on – Tupac (RIP)

It was kind of hard to narrow down Pacs songs because all of them will never get old to me but this is one of a few I can rap all the words to.  There’s a lot of classic lines in this but faves would probably be ‘Have a party at my funeral, let every rapper rock it and let the hoes that I used to know from way before, kiss me from my head to my toe, give me a paper & pen so I can write about my life of sin, a couple of bottles of gin in case I don’t get in, tell all my people I’m a rider, nobody cries when we die – we outlaws let me ride’

10. Another tie!!  (Maybe I should have made it my top 12 lol)

If I fell – Purest Form and High & Dry – Radio Head 

Trikers sing along classics.  ‘Nuff said 🙂

ps Keli Pepa from Purest Form was in my class at Primary School (Onehunga Primary) just thought I’d share that.

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