Playlist Share – Ezra Taylor

PLAYLIST – What’s getting heavy rotation on Ezra Taylors ipod?

Seeing as I love playlists and Ezra really knows his music I thought I’d ask him if he’d share a playlist consisting of his top 10 songs that he currently has on heavy rotation.

At this point I’d just like to say a huge thank you for still agreeing to being featured in this blog at all because I first approached him back in Feb!  He’d given me a whole breakdown of the music that he had on heavy rotation back then and because I’d procrastinated so long getting this up he had to write me a whole new list lol

He tweeted me recently ‘Sis that piece is older then the release of “All eyes on me” now…. lol!     haha Shot!  Thanks for hanging in there !

(for all you Telesa readers – do you think Daniel would have similar taste in music or a similar playlist?  Hmmmmmmm! lol)


I was first introduced to Kendrick Lamar in 2008 when I saw him feature in a Jay Rock clip “All my life (ghetto)”.  I didn’t really get into any of his music until I heard O.D (Overly Dedicated) and from then I was hooked, especially when he dropped his independent and one of my favourite albums of late – Section 80.

Since then Ive taken special interest in TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) & the group Black Hippy; Jay Rock, Ab – Soul, ScHoolboy Q & Kendrick Lamar.

Basically a group made up of TDE Label members.

They have all featured hard and have gotten some ridiculous rotation of late, from their older stuff to  the new.  Their music is pretty timeless and lyrically I really like what they are doing. #TDE

From Jays hard hitting street style, Ab Souls quirky passionate upper level vocals or Kendricks Hi Power socially conscious motivated lyrics to Q’s eccentric, seemingly drugged pumped jumpy lyrical flow – these four dudes bring something to the table. Im a fan. Really looking forward to Kendricks “Good Kid, m.A.A.d City” due to be released Oct.

ME:  Me too!  Been waiting for Good Kid, m.A.A.d City to drop for a while now!

EZRA:  My music playlists change every day and Im constantly listing to Music. Hip Hop is not the only thing in my iTunes and enjoy a wide variety of music.  

Here is my current playlist featuring some old and new tracks:

1. Swimming Pools (Drank) –  Kendrick Lamar

He focus’ on an obvious vice (alcohol) and even has a small discussion with his conscience. Laced with a pretty awesome beat and a catchy hook this has been bleeding through my Head phones…

2. Dont wanna be – Jon Connor ft. Lia Mack (from his upcoming project ‘while you were sleeping’)

Love this track – a classic hip hop sample and beat smacked with some exquisite heavy lyrics. Don’t sleep on this Dude

3. Pirates – Rick Ross

This is on the gym playlist, a heavy beat laced with the bravado you would expect from the Boss.

4.Dedicated to (Intro) – Home Brew

I can’t get enough of this. The relevance and references are right on point and I seriously feel the shout out on this joint. Haz’ production is nice, the horns (Isaac Aesili), Guitar (Jeremy Toy) scratches/cuts , infuse to pack a well rounded and nostalgic track.

Check out their track here

5.Forest Gump – Frank Ocean

Modern R&B I guess you could say.  Not the strongest vocalist but substance yes.  This could be a depiction of his love for someone from the same sex but Im pretty secure in my sexuality.  This song goes off.  You prob won’t catch me singing it out loud lol but yeah keys, acoustic’s, beat get a big  thumbs up!


6. There he Go – ScHoolboy Q

From the album “Habits and contradictions”

7. Goldie – ASAP Rocky

Had to put Asap Rocky on this list.  Ever since the LiveLoveASAP Mixtape dropped, Ive been a fan. Not Lyrically inspiring or uplifting but this guy and his click personify style.  Rocky has a flow that can uplift a beat.  Drawing influences from the South, West and Cleveland’s Bone Thugs, gives Rocky a unique changeable flow and tone.

8. Take it all –  PNC ft. Jordache, David Dallas, Louie Knuxx & Perceive

Dropped this on the list  as Sam (PNC) has been one of my fave NZ MCs since he first hit the scene. The Palmy raised MC always drops fire and with his recently released free Mixtape “Under the Influence”  it leaves you wanting more.

9. Say Wussup – Jay Rock ft, Ab-Soul, ScHoolBoy Q and Kendrick Lamar aka Black Hippy

Ever since I heard this track – its featured on all my playlists. TDE!

10. Go get it – TI

Heard this track bout a month ago. This another one of my get up aka gym tracks….. THE KING!!!


Other artists getting heavy rotation  at the moment are Black Hippy/TDE, The Weekend, Ice Cube, Redman & Raekwon

ME:  Who are your favourite NZ artists ?

EZRA:  Man its hard to nail down a  list .  I have a lot of respect for all NZ artists. It’s a tough life for a NZ musician as the audience is very limited. So yeah, big shout out to all NZ artists out there.  But if I have to –

David Dallas
HomeBrew Crew (in no particular order)

ME:  Favourite Horsemen Family track?

EZRA:  All of them lol

Cheers br0 – thanks for sharing!  Appreciate it !

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