Ink Series – Matthew Pihema

I’ve known Matt for a while now, mostly through my sister & brother-in-law as he used to board with them before he got married and was also in my bro-in-law Joes group ‘Unison’.  Old school NZ hip-hop heads may remember him from the group ‘R.E.S. (Red Eye Society)

Didn’t even realise he had some ink until Joe suggested him for the Ink Series – probably because I’ve never had reason to see him with his shirt off lol!

He designed all of his tatts himself and then took the designs to a couple of tattooists, one of them being Francis from Nesian Tattoos, who was Joe Browns apprentice at the time.  Francis did his back, shoulder and side tatts and Matts cousin did his chest.

Back Piece  Matts back design represents his christian roots & beliefs.  He took patterns & designs representing the cross, lion of Judah, Holy Spirit, trinity, baptism of water, unity & evangelism and symbols such as the christian fish, cultural & ancient Tahitian writing.

Shoulder/Side Pieces  Matts ethnic background is Tahitian, Cook Island (Aitutaki), maori & palagi so the designs on his side & shoulder are made up of these patterns.

Chest Piece The flowers on his chest represent both of his grandmothers who have passed away.

Front View of Shoulder, Chest & Side piece 

Thanks for sharing your ink stories Matt!

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