Aaradhna – Wake Up

I’m LOVIN Aaradhna’s new single ‘Wake Up’  – I find myself humming or singing it to myself all the time!   I’m lovin the message & lovin that in her words it’s ‘a song about fixing a broken soul’

I caught up with Rads a few months ago at a PNC gig down at 1885  and she was actually telling me that she had a new single coming out  called Wake Up and how it was different (in style) to her other songs so I’ve been waaaaaiting patiently for the single to come out & yes  it’s been worth the wait!   Can.Not.Wait for her upcoming album Treble & Reverb which is scheduled for release in November.   Her own personal style has also changed & grown over the years  – check out the feature my sister did on her new look on Lani Says.     Yes, the style is different to some of the singles released on her previous albums but the voice is unmistakably Aaradhna!  She’s all grown up and I read on her fb artist page that it’s actually been 6 years since she put out anything original (her last album Sweet Soul Music was RnB covers).  The single is now available on itunes so if you haven’t bought it yet – what are you waiting for!  Wake Up!  Stop wasting time!  Get it here   Support NZ Music People!

Peep the ‘Wake Up’ vid after the drop.  When it was released on Friday I had actually forgotten to download it before I came to work so had to pretend I didn’t care when everyone was raving over it on twitter and facebook lol Thought I’d have an Aaradhna music day  instead so lined up the Spotify playlist with all her old tracks and collabs  before I went home and downloaded the new single.

Here are a few of my faves from her earlier albums or from songs that she has left her stamp on when featuring on other artists tracks (in no particular order) but first off – her new single:

Wake Up’ directed by Special Problems 

Lost in Translation – Frontline ft Aaradhna (NZ Music Awards 2006)   Back when the bro Ddot was Conpsy from Frontline!  Rads wasn’t actually the vocalist featured on his album but I wish she was – every time I watch this I get chills – her vocals set the song off perfectly!  I’ve always thought this is one of Daves best  live performances at the music awards too!  

Downtime An oldie but a goodie 

I love you too  Classic Rads 

Bring it on home (Sam Cooke cover)  I love this song – one of my all time faves so I don’t usually like people messing with the original but Rads does it justice so she gets a pass lol!

They don’t know – Savage Ft Aaradhna & Devolo yup I have to admit I tried her lavalava over jeans look lol

Getting Stronger – Adeaze ft Aaradhna  Sing with me now ‘I don’t want  nobody else, I don’t need somebody else to tell me about love – I am strong on my own’

In my bed – Isaac Aesili ft Aaradhna & Buff1 Shouts to Niu FM for playing this quite a bit otherwise I don’t think I would have heard it.  Don’t think it got much radio play on other stations 😦

Turn it round – David Dallas ft Aaradhna This is one of my favourite tracks off the Rose Tint & I was always gutted Ddot didn’t release it as a single & do a video with Rads for it lol!

Like you – Monsta ft Aaradhna Smoooooth Radsy vocals 

Spin One – Che Fu ft Aaradhna Paying tribute to RnB & Soul singer legends such as Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone & more

Soulfood – Mareko Ft Baby Down (Brownzville) & Aaradhna  For some reason every time I hear this song I feel hungry and wanna go eat some sapasui with taro and corned beef lol

Music (Makes the world go round) – Frisko Ft Aaradhna I know you wanted a blonde mohawk just like the one Rads rocks in this vid aye?  Hey and recognise the title?  Yuuuup it’s the name of this page too – cool aye?  Shot Danz (ps just watched the vid again and I’m cracking up at Savs facials & the boys all dancing round to this)

Lastly, one other fave that she lends her vocals to is the Deceptikonz track Blood is Thicker than Water – doesn’t have a vid but check it out if you can.  It’s on their last album Evolution.

* Photo credit in the feature image to Lani Says

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