SUGA Magazine x Sexy Samoan Men 2013 Calendar

African American women have Essence Magazine, Hispanic women have Latina Magazine and now Samoan/Polynesian women have SUGA magazine!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pre-release copy a couple of Saturdays ago down at the Otara markets  where Shop Samoa online were having a Telesa Trilogy celebration and officially launching the magazine together with Jordan Kwans Sexy Samoan Mens  2013 Calendar.   This first edition is also the Telesa edition so Lani Wendt Young was there to sign copies of her books, gorgeous models who are the ‘faces’ of some of the different characters portrayed in the the popular books were there to model Paula Chan and MENA designs, the Tatau dance group performed & much more.

SUGA’s first issue is actually inspired by Lani Wendt Youngs ‘Telesa’ novels & you’ll be pleased to know there are lots of  hot photos of Daniel (Ezra Taylor) in there for the suga’s and Leila (cover model Faith Wulf) for the sole’s.  There is also an in-depth interview with Lani herself who talks about her own personal journey with her writing & the Telesa books , how she was rejected many times  by publishers and the success she is now enjoying as well as how she manages to juggle her family (Lani has 5 children) and her writing.

I was also really excited to see a beautiful friend of mine – Sene Lima – featured in the magazine.  She is a member of the Samoa Victim Support Group in Sydney who flew to Samoa this year at the start of Samoas Independence Day celebrations to experience first hand the work that the Samoa Victim Support Group in Samoa do.  She shares her diary with SUGA magazine in this feature.   Yay Sene!   Watch out for her coming up in one of my People to See features.  No you can’t back out now Sene …. It is written lol

As well as the different features & interviews, the magazine is packed with every girls favourite talk topics – beauty, fashion, music, entertainment, fitness, BOYS – there’s a Sole section featuring the hot boys from Jordan Kwans Sexy Samoan 2013 calendar as well as an interview with the photographer himself (more on him after the jump) & there’s even a section for readers to send in their deep, dark secrets if you need to get something off your chest.

SUGA magazine editor Cecilia Sagote wrote in her editors letter:

Wouldn’t it be great to have a magazine that empowers, inspires and celebrates the young Samoan woman; with stories about us, our culture, our achievements; with magazine covers that feature our faces and more importantly our bootylicious island bodies?’

Definitely!  and you’ve done just that!  Cheers to SUGA magazine, Samoan & Pacific women’s first magazine!

Make sure you get yourself a copy of the magazine.  It isn’t actually released until Friday the 14th of September but you can pre-order your copy online now at or keep up to date by liking their Facebook page or following them on Twitter.  For more info feel free to email them at


Yaaaay!  So the SUMMER Edition of SUGA is out now and guess what?  I got to write for them too!  I KNOW!!  SHUT UP!! lol!


I talked a bit about it here but thought I’d update this blog post since it was this post that caught the editors eye lol!  There’s some awesome features in there including our Miss Samoa beauties, swimwear for the fuller figured, Brown Hill Band, ‘The Orators’ Best Supporting Actress award winner Salamasina Mataia, Mai FMs Nickson, IslandHer features and much more.  Make sure you get yourself a copy!!  Go to their website to either order your copy online OR to check out your nearest stockist.


So you know I didn’t leave Otara markets without my own copy of the Sexy Samoan Men 2013 calendar right?  I got  mine signed by the photographer himself – cool aye?  Yup thats Jordan Kwan himself & he was kind enough to let me take a photo of him holding my calendar which he also graciously signed for me….. ‘Thanks so much for the support’    Yeeeah buddy lol!

There’s not much more I need to say really – SEXY.SAMOAN.MEN #thatisall

Make sure you get yourself a copy!  Unfortunately I just saw from one of his fb posts that he’s nearly sold out on the calendar that I bought BUT he’s releasing a new one ….

Stock for this calendar has almost sold out. So I’m printing another batch with major edits — Darker look/feel, new photos and additional Samoan guys! I call it the “Sexy Samoan Men 2.0” 2013 Calendar LOL.

Well gosh!  I think I’m going to need to get me one for work as well lol!

If you’re not liking him on Facebook – I suggest you start now because he posts LOTS of eye candy from his steamy shoots OR you can check out his blogspot  for more of his amazing photography & behind the scenes shoots here.

I’ll leave you with Ezra Taylor who Jordan shot for the Telesa series and is also featured in the Sexy Samoan Men 2013 calendar – yes, you’re welcome lol!

10 responses to “SUGA Magazine x Sexy Samoan Men 2013 Calendar

  1. Thank you do much penina for a great write up n for all ur support! Sorry for delay in replying been flat tack ! Im reading this now while Im at the hospital as my son has got a lil fever so thanks for cheering us up! xxx

  2. Just found this. Great write up, Penina thank you for the support. Im thrilled that there is now a magazine option for our Samoan / Pacific young women and it was an honor to be a part of the first issue. Cecilia Sagote is a woman with vision and I look forward to many more great issues of SUGA

    • Thank you Lani and yes I totally feel the same way in regards to there now being a magazine option for Samoan & Pacific Island young women! I think it’s also awesome that you were a part of the first issue as you’re enjoying the wonderful success of your Telesa novels & I’m hoping it will inspire & encourage other young Pasifika women to write!!

  3. Thank you for your write up Penina. Cecilia and Lani are movers & shakers for our young Samoan women inspiring them to be daring to really make those dreams a reality. Look forward to reading more of your ‘blabbering’ shot Glott! 🙂

    • Haha Shot! Thank you Ana. Yes definitely! It’s always great to have role models who step out of their comfort zone & break the mould with what they’re doing – it’s really awesome to see!

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