Ink series – Nikolao Goulter

GOULTER!!! lol

I am blessed to say I have the privilege of calling this guy one of my bestest friends – LOVE this dude!  One of the coolest people I know & totes value his advice, opinion & friendship in the short space of time that I’ve gotten to know him!  Met him through our mutual bestie Del Smith after hitching rides with them down to my car on Franklin Road a couple of times.

Only known him a couple of years but after many garage drinking sessions at Del Smiths, parties at the Hills and BBQs at Paps later – feels like I’ve known him a lifetime – good peoples is our Niko Goulter!  Heart of gold and always there if you need him!  He still lets me hang out with them after seeing me in various degrees of drunken disorderly behaviour & even after I managed to power chuck all over the front yard of Dels house and over his jandals one night (sowee guys) lol

Unofficial leader of our Triker MC gang (lol!) I’ve had many an abs workout from nearly rolling on the floor laughing at Niko and Dels hilarity – This post wouldn’t be complete without a Niko & Del pic (as seen below) lol  Actually I think we need a soundtrack to go with this post too – note to self:  record our singing sessions next time we’re on Goulters deck…

Del & Niko 

Fun times & I’ll always be mad grateful for their friendship (having a moment here guys lol)  Did I mention Niko makes the meanest homebrew?  So good it gives you superhuman powers haha

For a taste of the fun times, tune in to Niu FM’s Drive Thru show from 2 – 7pm & you can listen to Niko co-hosting the show with our boy Jandals ….. that would be 103.8FM if you’re in Auckland.  He’s come a long way from the days when he used to fill in over the holidays and we’d bug him with our ‘Love and Honesty’ requests lol

Niko in action with his co-host Jandals at the Niu FM studios in Manukau, South Auckland

On to the ink, the first tattoo Niko had done was roses to cover his ex girlfriends name – as you do lol.  From there his brother Ken had practised a lot of his own tattooing skills & designs on Niko which in my opinion is pretty impressive for someone who was just starting out.  The sleeve on his right arm has been done by Ken.  It’s not quite finished yet so have only taken photos of the front of his arm ….

Niko’s Enike

Upper left pic you can see the 2 roses and below that and in the upper right pic is a stylised picture of Nikos gorgeous wife Enike with her name as well.

Bottom 2 images are the rest of the front of the sleeve.  I really like the designs on his sleeve as they’re quite unique and different from a lot of the generic island patterns you see a lot of.    Took the first set of shots on my blackberry & they’re not so good so came back & took the bottom half again as seen below:

Quite handy having a tattooist for a brother aye?

Niko & his brother Ken 

Nikos favourite tattoo was done in Samoa by Bass at Urban Village Studios Apia

Nikos father is Irish, Welsh and English and his mother is Samoan so with the design of the cross, it is celtic representing his Dads side but also has Samoan designs running through it representing his Mums side.  Samoan patterns intertwined with the Celtic cross showing that he’s half-caste or afakasi.

The cross also represents his wife Enike as she is a christian and holds strong christian beliefs.  It symbolises for him protection over his 4 children.

Niko & Enike’s 4 childrens names are written around the cross.

Jesse, Taylor & Cruzito (twins) and Precious

Last time I caught up with Nikolao he was getting another tattoo that his brother Ken had designed for a Ballistic Tattoo competition – it wasn’t quite finished so maybe we’ll save for an update post but here’s the design that Ken entered for the comp.

Thaaaaanks for sharing your ink stories with me Goulter!



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