Doco – Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap

I LOVE rap music and I’ve been waiting a minute for someone to post a link to this Ice-T directed documentary/film ever since I read about it on The Smoking Section & watched the trailer.  (Didn’t know if NZ cinemas would show it  but as usual Gotty & MissInfo came through with a link  from Mr World Premiere himself)

I’ve always been slightly in awe of rappers & emcees  skills – just being able to remember the lyrics to all of their songs when performing is amaaazing to me!

The doco shows interviews with a lot of your fave hip hop artists from the likes of Big Daddy Kane through to Kanye West (was a bit disappointed that Jay-Z and LL Cool J weren’t included though tbh) where they talk about their process of writing lyrics, where rap battles originated from, where they started from as artists, how they got into the rap game and much more.  Some of my favourite moments throughout the doco was when Ice T asked the artists to rap their favourite lyrics or lines from other artists.  The doco is also interspersed with some great visuals of New York City & Los Angeles.

Personal favourite moments from the doco:

* Kanye West retelling the story of his first rap battle where he LOST – ‘My name is Chriiis & you smell like piiiiiss’ lol

* Eminems freestyle & his writing process

* Cheryl James aka Salt from Salt n Pepa!!  Haven’t seen or heard from her in aaages!

* Dr Dre talking about working with Tupac

* Nas saying he a grown man and has no business wearin saggy pants lol

Check out Nas & Eminems freestyles after the jump & keep scrollin for the actual download & link for the full doco over at Yardiez

I also found some footage of Ice T explaining why Jay-Z was not included in the Art of Rap (ok you’re forgiven Ice-T lol)  but hey!  your favourite rappers favourite rapper IS!

Full Doco link here:

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

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