Community love for Kosher-Love Lopes

Kosher and her Mum Raeywn Crowe

Last Sunday the bro Rimoni texted me to let me know he was shooting a charity tattoo event in Manukau and to come down to have a looksie and take some pics of my own.  Sweet!  Sounded good so grabbed my gear and headed down to  Tha P.I.T  Tattoo Studio  not really having any clue as to what the fundraiser event was about and who it was for.  Got down there &  it was awesome to see the number of people who had all come out to support it.

Horsemen Family there to show some love.

Spotted the cuzzy Yavana with a couple of the Horsemen Family boys talking to Rimoni so went over to say hey & as they talked, it slowly dawned on me that I knew the family the fundraiser was for.

Peter Lopes aka Jesone or J1 from RES and Raewyn Crowe aka Kwierist are the parents of little Kosher-Love and I know Rae through a mutual friend.  I hadn’t seen Rae in a while and I think the last time I saw her she was actually pregnant with Kosher but I do remember our mutual friend Amy telling me that she was going up to visit bubba in hospital the last time she was here for a visit.  I was aware that Kosher was sick but hadn’t realised how serious it was until last Sunday.

What really touched me was the number of local businesses and people who had got behind them to raise funds for them as a family.  There were cupcakes, cakes and other goodies for sale, haircuts by Kingdom Cutters (a few people shaved their hair in support of Kosher including Raewyn on the day), tattoos by tattooists at Tha P.I.T, raffles, a number of items up for auction on facebook including Rimonis contribution – 2 of his tattoo photography books.  Not long after I got there, hip-hop artist Fortafy (from Australia) came by to show love, sign autographs and he also donated a number of his cds to be sold at the event too.  I thought it was pretty awesome that he would take time out of his busy schedule to come down and support the cause.  (Look out for him coming up soon in the Ink Series).

Sam Ratumaitavuki aka Fortafy was there to show love & support the event too 

All proceeds of the products & services that were sold or auctioned out at the event were donated to Koshers family!  Wow!   Community Love Gewwwwwwd!  Shouts to Chantelle & Thomas Blakelock from Tha P.I.T who put on the event and with the help of the community, friends and family raised over $7,000 on the day!

Cupcakes & goodies up for sale 

Clint from Kingdom Cutters in Papatoetoe & a happy client

Tattooists from Tha Pitt at work 

I don’t have much to give myself BUT I can share their story so that other people may be moved to give a little too and together it will be a lot!  Even if it’s just to take time out of your day to say a prayer for the family or write an encouraging note or message on their facebook support wall.  All I know is that as a mother I can’t even comprehend what Rae & Pete are going through right now & I’m sure they will appreciate any bit of support we can give them.

I asked Raewyn if she could give me some info that I could share and this is what she wrote below:

It was really nice to see you on Sunday, the last eight months have been a whole new world and what’s honestly been a real light in our lives is the overwhelming support our friends and family have been for us. People who Pete and I have known for years have shown such love sometimes not realising Kosher is our daughter; just so touched by her story and compelled to give any way they can. 

 I still haven’t yet jumped online (FB~Email) or let alone replied texts or phone calls as I would like too, to express thanks and update individually however each time I do, lately I have been so emotional and lost for words that by the time I come around to writing, I’m seeing to one of the kids or  running a home errand or am in hospital attending to Kosher.  

 The Tattoo fundraiser was unreal I am still so overwhelmed with the support shown and seeing Kosher really come out there with everybody around was so beautiful to us – we were so happy. That was the most life we’ve seen in her in a long while and we left it up to her to lead our day/night. 

We’ve recieved physical donations of all sorts towards auctions/fundraisers, gifts for Kosher even food parcels from numerous people and the event Sunday gone (October the 7th) was organised solely by Chantelle and Thomas Blakelock from Tha P.I.T.  We honestly just showed up but all the info on the event can be found at this FB address:  You will find Chantelles “thank you’s” are at the top of this page where she lists everyone who helped organise the event with her.

Event organiser Chantelle wearing a Koko cap (Koshers nickname) with the brotographer Rimoni 

Rae has shared Koshers story below which is also the update that is on her facebook support page:

Kosher-Love Lopes is currently undergoing treatment for a Stage 3 Neuroblastoma of the stomach (child cancer)

 On 22nd February 2012, Her Father was changing her to get ready for her day when he noticed a firm mass bulging outward from within her abdomen.  An ambulance was called & Kosher was admitted to Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland.

Pete with their beautiful baby boy Zedakaya 

 On the same day, an ultra sound and scan of her abdomen confirmed a large growth protruding the size of a tennis ball. A biopsy later in the day revealed the tumor had grown on a nerve had wrapped around her aorta and had spread across her body smothering her kidney,  cancerous & extremely aggressive.

It was agreed following a number of diagnostic hospital tests that chemotherapy was to be started immediately to give Kosher any chance at surviving.

 Kosher has completed her 6 stages of chemotherapy and has had the mass/tumour removed. She has had her cell bone marrow transplant and 7th high dose chemotherapy and was thought to slowly be recovering well but contracted V.O.D ~ Veno-Occlusive Disease a side effect of the 7th high dose chemotherapy. She went through 2 weeks of treatment for this and her bloods have started to show a reversal of this life threatening disease.

 Radiation has been confirmed for October the 15th (today) which consists of 4 weeks, 5 days a week treatment (a total of 20 sessions at each session she will be given anaesthetic to sleep). After her radiation she will undergo antibodies treatment for 6 – 8 months. Kosher has had many procedures, transfusions – treatments – surgeries – and a transplant plus many other procedures & yet still has the energy to express her love and evoke comfort and smiles in those who visit with her.

Peter, Kosher-Love (Koko) and Sam (Fortafy)

 Kosher turned 2 on the 15th of March and after 3 weeks in Hospital receiving chemotherapy went home the night before her Birthday to celebrate it with Family. She is the second child of three, her older Sister Eyana-Isis Lopes being 7 and  her baby Brother Zedakaya-River Lopes being now 1 year old. Both continue to be so patient and strong and refreshing for their sister during this time. Eyana, who continues to be extremely helpful with her baby brother shows an understanding and sensitivity for our sporadic and strenuous routine  beyond her years and we are so grateful and proud of her.

We are thankful for the support we have received and are grateful to anybody wanting to contribute to help make it easier for us to devote our time to be with our children while bringing her back to optimal health. Devoted now more than ever to keeping life as joyful, comfortable and bright as possible while continuously creating a colorful and healing ambience throughout our home and everyday life (mind body and soul – love laughter and huggles).

Our Family and Friends have held fundraising events to help support us through this time and we couldn’t be more grateful. We would not have financially survived the last 8 months if not for this support. We have invested in alternative healing and have seen to date Nutritionists, Colour therapists, Naturopaths and Hands On Healers to help us aide in Koshers comfort to / help ease her discomfort whilst going through the Hospitals protocol of treatment. It is our personal choice to use alternative therapies and treatments alongside the Hospitals protocol of treatments and currently raising funds for a Electro Magnetic Pulse machine aka a Colour Therapy machine and an Oxygenated Water Distributor (an accumulated  estimate of $3000.00)  

A Facebook page of healing has been created for her  – “Kosher-Love Lopes”  – where friends family can read up on updates and share there messages of love (a personal page) click here

As well as a “Kosher & Family support page”  (click herethis page is also for family and friends but also for anybody who has heard of Koshers battle touched by Koshers story to send their messages of Love and Support and read up also on updates.

 We all take turns reading through these pages with Kosh, sharing these messages with her which has been truly uplifting for us all and we try our best to keep current with her progress and daily activities and sometimes adding pictures.


Gifts, Gift Cards, Vouchers, Letters and Cards of Support can be sent to:

Starship Hospital

Kosher-Love Lopes

Ward 27b Level 7

Starship Children’s Hospital

2 Park Road Auckland 1010 


Monetary Donations can be made to:


Kosher-Love Lopes

Account number: 03 0227 0576768-001


(You may need an account code for OVERSEAS DEPOSITS ~ This Account Code is WPACNZ2W)


With Love ~ Kosher’s Family & Friends♥


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