Places to Go: Tahiti and her Islands

Intercontinental Thalasso Bora Bora 

Tahiti and her islands!

This is one destination that I have no problem saying is the closest you may get to paradise on earth.  Lush tropical foliage, clear blue lagoons and mountainous peaks are at the heart of these islands beauty & tranquility and it is easy to see why Tahiti makes it on to the list of many peoples Bucket List!

Lush tropical foliage – Tahitian hibiscus

Clear blue lagoons ….

Mountainous peaks 

Things to see and do

If you’re going to do the Tahitian islands you have to do it proper and make sure you don’t just stay on Tahiti but try and get out to at least Moorea if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to Bora Bora.  A lot of the hotels do accommodation combo specials if you stay on both Tahiti and Moorea.  Moorea is also an easy ferry ride away if you have limited time and just wanted to get out there for a day.

Ferry to Moorea 

All the islands offer a great variety of both land & water activities.

You can get around the islands easily on a scooter or rental car and there are a great number of hiking trails or excursions if you’re that way inclined.  For something different you could get around by bicycle or for less personal effort, go for a slow canter along the shoreline on a Marquesan pony – the gentlest horse breed in the world.

There is no shortage of water activities as these islands are blessed with beautiful lagoons great for snorkeling, diving, surfing & swimming.  In both Moorea and Bora Bora you can face your fears and feed the sharks or swim with the sting rays or maybe you just always thought it’d be cool to walk along the bottom of the ocean floor – you too can helmet dive in Tahiti!

Helmet Dive – image courtesy of Tahiti Excursions

My personal favourite would have to be Paddle Boarding where you’re standing up on a surf longboard and paddle yourself around the lagoon.  I first saw it done in Hawaii but its taken off in Tahiti as well.  Here’s a great youtube clip you can check out of a family Paddle Boarding in Bora Bora ……I’m telling you, island life is THE life – which reminds me – I miss my TAN lol!

There are also a great number of attractions you can check out including museums, the markets, historical buildings and churches.  One natural attraction and a piece of Tahiti that you can actually take away with you is the Tahitian Black Pearl.  Visit a Pearl Farm and see them in their natural state from when they’re inside the black-lipped oysters and treat yourself to one of these internationally renowned jewels from any number of black pearl jewellery providers in Tahiti.    I’m thinking now is a good time to show off mine which was a gift from Tahiti Tourism’s Rob Thompson – its my favourite piece of jewellery ….. Mauruuru Roa Rob!

My own Tahitian black pearl – Tres Bien!

I could go on for a couple more pages singing the praises of Tahiti and her islands but you need to experience it for yourself and see why so many people get there and then never want to leave!

Travel Tips

  • It is recommended to exchange money before departure into the local currency which is French Polynesian Francs.  The US dollar is widely accepted as well.
  • Cruising is another way to get around Tahiti and her islands and takes in a lot of the smaller, less well known islands like Fakareva, Raiatea & Rangiroa.

How blue is this water!!  When I was in LA this year & Rob was taking another agent group up to Tahiti he was teasing me with these pictures.  I believe this shot was taken off his phone on the island of Rangiroa – as we say in Instagram speak #nofilter

  • Most hotels have an island night and you can experience some beautiful Tahitian dancing.  If you want to experience some island night life – Papeete has great clubs & bars if you want to get down with the locals.  A personal favourite would be Morrisions.  Check out the size of our drinks!!

We on one – ‘me and the homies’ ….. in Tahiti lol    

Fun times with the locals Toriki & Heikura at Morrisons

  • Get down to the Roulottes in Papeete which is great for people travelling on a budget and offers a number of different eating options from Chinese food to pizzas and burgers.  They’re open to the early hours of the morning on the weekends as well so if you’ve finished dancing the night away at Morrisons you can come out and head down here for a munch.

Roulottes in the day 

  • Tahiti is very popular on the international pro surfing circuit and they often have international pro surf comps held at popular surf beaches like Teahupo’o.   One note on Teahupo’o – BE CAREFUL!!  I went body surfing out at Teahupo’o with friends back when I was 17 or so  and almost came back in a body bag!  The fact that its on the pro surfing circuit should be an indicator that the surf out there is for pros  so all I can say is be careful if you do decide to go out there.  Shouts to my friends Kiki & Paul who I pretty much owe my life to.  Check out this vid of Teahupo’ here to get an understanding of what I mean and for some beautiful aerial shots of Tahiti.

The resort beaches are definitely safe for swimming so need to worry on that count!

  • As with most tropical climates make sure you keep well hydrated at all times and it’s advisable to only drink bottled water.
  • Tahiti is a day behind NZ

Lastly, peep some more photos of our trip which was hosted by the gorgeous Rob Thompson & Mr Tahiti Tourism NZ at the time Toriki Manjard after the jump and if you’re like me and are all about the visual and like to SEE what it’s all about check out Tahiti Tourismes youtube channel

Feel like a coke?  Hit up one of the coke machines sitting casually on the side of the road in Vaitape, Bora Bora lol

Did I mention I had my own water taxi driver who sang Tahitian songs to me while he drove me around?  No?  Oh yeah, I did lol!

At the St Regis Resort in Bora Bora (the movie ‘Couples Retreat was shot here fyi) – my sister and I sent my parents there for my Mums 65th bday and their wedding anniversary and my Mum said she CRIED all the way from the resort back to the airport because she was overwhelmed by the beauty of the place and the realisation that she was leaving and would have to go ‘back to life, back to reality’ awwwwwww!  Huge Mauruuru roa/Gracias/Thank you to Bianca Henry who totally spoilt them while they were there.

Team NZ – Faye, Gordy, myself, Gareth & Toriki 

And our wonderful host – Rob Thompson 

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