The good people behind Seven Deuce Clothing

The Nunu

Vanu Maoate in the White Skulls & Sapelus t.shirt

So I’ve been loving the Seven Deuce Clothing tees ever since I saw a couple of the guys wearing the #Kefs tees at the Dirty 10 year anniversary concert and my cousin Chano posted up the Skulls & Sapelus tees on instagram.  I thought they were cool, funny & current.

It was also really cool when I found out who was behind the tees AND they were people I knew ….. BUT!!  The good people behind Seven Deuce clothing would like to remain anonymous – cue the Peter Andre music and insert “ooooooh!  Mysterious guys/girls” lol!

Yeah, sorry peeps – I can’t reveal who is actually behind the label but I did get the chance to harass them with a bunch of questions about how they got their business started and the concept behind ‘Seven Deuce Clothing’  so here you go ….


Nathan Nauer – Drive time radio host/dj at Mai FM in the white #Kefs tee

Me: What is Seven Deuce Clothing? (As in is it just tees/sweaters? or are you planning to do a whole clothing line)

Seven Deuce:  At the moment its just tees , singlets and sweaters but we are definitely looking to branch out into other items. The support for our tees have been awesome so we definitely want to give the people what they want. baby steps though. 


Toast  – Mai FM dj/host wearing the Tino Rangatiratanga tee

Me: Is there anything behind the name?  How did you come up with the name Seven Deuce?  

Seven Deuce:  A 7 and a 2 ( seven deuce ) is the worst starting hand in Texas Hold em poker but has the reputation of always beating the best starting hands such as Aces, Kings, etc. We use that as a metaphor for the minority groups being the underdog fighting to succeed in anything we do. In our case, the minority group would be urban maori / islanders / kiwis / aussies etc having very little option when it comes to urban fashion.We are try to cater to that group, the unheard, the underappreciated, the underdogs. 


Nate & Toast your fave Drive radio hosts from Mai FM.  Nate wears the blue & silver “Queenie” tee.  Toast wears the Billy T James ‘King Billy’ tribute tee

Me:  Is this your own business?

Seven Deuce:  Seven Deuce is run by a group of like minded individuals. We share the same crazy thinking when it comes to fashion & culture.  

David Puniani aka Devolo from the Deceptikonz in the “Patch” tee

Me:   What made you decide to get into the clothing/t.shirt business?

Seven Deuce:  Well our main HQ is in Australia, We saw a big market for ex pat kiwis, polynesians wanting to promote their ethnicity, especially in Australia. I mean I’ve never seen so many Maori tattoo sleeves and silver fern stickers on cars before we came to Australia.  People are so proud of their heritage over here, but a lot of the designs they were wearing were corny and souvenir-shop-ish.   So we just thought we’d step up and give them something we’d be proud to wear ourselves.


Brotha D – Dawn Raid CEO wearing the “king of Cards” tee with a plug for Aaradhnas Treble & Reverb album lol

Me:  Had you had any experience with this line of business before?

Seven Deuce:  No, not personally, but we had been around a lot of it before and we’d seen the going ons on  and how the wheels turned.


Penina Momoisea wearing the Black X Gold “Queenie” crew neck sweater

Me:  Was it a scary decision to decide to just do it/go for it and run your own business?

Seven Deuce:  Not really, We knew that this was a credible venture and that people would really be into this.  So, failure of the business to take off wasn’t really in our minds. *touch wood*


Al “Monsta Ganjah” Lino wearing the “Ula Fala” tee at the Niu FM studios 

Me:  What were some of the things you needed to do in order to get it up and running?

Seven Deuce:  A lot of research. Locations, Viral, Cost, etc. and we are still learning every step of the way.


Sela Alo – Mr Niu FM on his breakfast show wearing the Orange X Blue “Team Seven Deuce” tee 

Me:  Did you need to have some kind of business or marketing degree?

Seven Deuce:  Yeah, we graduated from WINZ – Mangere Town Center .. but shhh dont tell anybody hahaha                  

(LOL!  These guys!)


Pua Magasiva (Shortland Streets Vinny & co-host on Niu FMs breakfast show) wears the Black Skulls & Sapelus tee. Sela Alo wears the “Ula Fala” tee 

Me:  The designs really stand out to me & they’re also funny – do you design everything yourself/make up your own templates etc?

Seven Deuce:  Yeah, we have an awesome design team that have their finger on the pulse of what’s hot and current but we also try and keep our running theme of being ourselves. We know we have a big market, and they are very loyal and supportive of our theme, the last thing we want to do is start giving them what everybody else is wearing.  Originality and catering to our loyal clientele is top priority for us.  

Rex & Fortafy

Mark Sagapolutele aka Mareko/Rex Martel wearing the “Catch A Body” tee with Fortafy 

Me:  What gave you the ideas for the designs or the concept for the designs?

Seven Deuce:  Our designs and concepts are based on everyday life. Nothing is more powerful then wearing a “#KEFS” tee.  Just make sure you dont wear it at church or around the elders. hahaha. But everything in our designs is heavily influenced by our generations growing up and our culture. 


Malo Luafutu aka Scribe wearing the black Skulls & Sapelus tee with his friend wearing the white #Kefs tee

Me:  Are you set up to do the printing yourself or do you outsource the printing?

Seven Deuce:  Yes we do all the screen printing in house. 

Ezra Queenie

Ezra Taylor wearing the black & white “Queenie” tee with Lani Wendt-Young on their Telesa promo in Samoa 

Me:  What do you think has been your best marketing tool?  FB?  Twitter?  having well known people wear them?   I know for me, I first noticed the #KEFZ when I was taking pics  at the Dirty 10 yr anniversary gig.  I think I also like that you can’t get them here (In New Zealand) & you know you’re not going to see a bunch of people wearing them haha

Seven Deuce:  haha you fashion snob! Definitely our Facebook page has been vital to us, as has our Twitter. But I think the most powerful tool for us has been good ole fashion word of mouth. People have come up to us like they have just finished a treasure hunt trying to buy some tees. haha. And i think thats a good thing, because once you have the people on your side its hard to lose. 


Del Smith (Niu FM Regulator) wearing the purple & blue “Team Seven Deuce” tee 

Me:  Do you just sell online? or do you have a store?

Seven Deuce:  At the moment we are just selling online. 


Lui Vilisoni – Rick Ross’ biggest fan lol

Me:  Is this something you do full time now or do you still have a ‘daytime’ job?

Seven Deuce:  We all still have jobs that pay the bills.   At the moment this is our love, if it ends up taking care of us to the point we can quit our day jobs then that will be an added bonus.

Manu boys

Manu Samoa legends Tusi Pisi wearing the white Skulls & Sapelus tee, Alesana Tuilagi wearing the Ula Fala tee and Seilala Mapusua in the orange & blue Seven Deuce sapelu tee 

Me:  If someone wanted to purchase a tee – where would they go to check out your full range?  Facebook?  and do they just contact you via twitter/facebook or do you have website/contact email address?

Seven Deuce:  

Our website is

 Our Facebook info is

Our twitter info is

Kurtley Beale

Wallaby & Queensland Reds rugby player Kurtley Beale wearing the “Patch” tee seen here with Ezra Taylor (Telesa model & Manu Samoa rugby player)

Me:  Any goals you have for your business?  short term?  Long term?

Seven Deuce:  Our goals are just to keep supplying the peoples with quality product. 

Seven Deuce Twins

Aaron & Alvin Smith, Counties & Marist rugby 7’s/Manu Samoa Under 21s reps  (when they were under 21 lol) 

Me:  Any advice for someone wanting to start their own business?

Seven Deuce:  Just do research, and don’t expect big things over night. The results WILL come but over time and with a lot of hard work. DUCY!

Shot guys!

Thanks heaps for that!  Much love to all the lovely models, celebs and radio guys who helped promo the tees as well ….

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