Best Ofs ….. 2012


I love the Best Of lists that papers, mags, blogs put out just before the years out so thought I’d do my own cos you know how you guys wanna know?  lol!

My sister Lani Says does this cool ‘Year in Photobooth’ (I think she calls it) and then I saw Riri or one of her fan blogs on tumblr do a Riri year in instagram post so yeah, thats my IG one above – cool aye?  Yeah, sorry it’s not as sexy as Riris lol!  Lani actually got me into Instagram when she ran “InstaMay” for her blog followers which was a lot of fun.

So yeah, chosen the above as some of my “Best of IG pics” My brothers first MMA fight, Dave & Lani at the Pacific Music Awards before he picked up Best Male artist, with Radz at her Media showcase, hanging with Nate at the Mai FM studios before he blessed me with Raggamuffin tickets OH YEEEAH!, Our Fat Robbery crew  – yeah, sorry to everyone who follows all of us on twitter, your TL wouldve been filled with #fatrobbery tweets for 12 weeks lol, Dressed all in Blue hoping the Blues would take out State of O (they failed but ah well), Hobbiton for our work Xmas dinner, with the cuzzies & Lanz at Kendrick Lamar – EPIC concert btw, with my cousins in Samoa and lots of fun times with family and friends.

This year wasn’t the easiest and it wasn’t the hardest I’ve experienced.  It definitely had its peaks & troughs.  But for every suck thing that happened there was always something awesome to make up for it.

The first quarter of 2012 wasn’t my finest hour & we’ll leave it at that but there were a lot of highlights including getting to see my first ever NBA game in the US of A – Lakers vs Thunder – you can read about it here.

Getting to see Kendrick Lamar LIVE – OH MY GAAAASH ….. so fricken cool!  Oh I learned a new phrase that I saw everyone saying bout the Kendrick concert – it was TURNT UP lol!   took a small vid of it on my phone.


Started this blog – thanks again to Gotty & Nikolao for encouraging me to do it which in turn has led to awesome opportunities like writing for SUGA magazine (thanks also to the editor Cecilia Sagote, the co-editor Ana Faatoia and Leti Leilua for giving me the opportunity & taking a chance on me lol) photographing events for SUGA too – which then led to meeting heaps of awesome people like Junyer King, Tenelle and the guys in Common Kingz and getting to shoot cool gigs like the Mixer3 etc…. You can check out the gigs on my photography site here.

The Summer edition of SUGA magazine is out now so make sure you get yourself  a copy – you can order online or check out their website for where you can get yourself a copy.


Also wanna give massive props to my Society bros who let me tag along with them all the time & teach me the ways of the photography ninja lol!  My personal fave gig that I got to shoot was the “Dirty” 10 year anniversary gig and have to give it up for Ray who gave me tips on the camera settings and lighting etc throughout the night – I pretty much just jumped around following him and shooting whatever he was shooting lol but I was pretty pleased with my pics if I don’t say so myself.  But yeah, gave me the confidence to do other gigs on my own.  The bros also put together The Society site which you can check out here and it also forced me to get organised, sort out all my photos and get them on an actual site!

Me and Scribble after the ‘Dirty 10 year anniversary’ gig


And yeah, thats been my highlights/best ofs.  Oh actually one more lol!  Discovering Charlie Pomees Open Mic night  thanks to my good friend Dei Hamo – I’m telling you again, try get down to check it out at least once!  It’s awesome & so much undiscovered talent.  ps you heard about Home Made Entertainment here lol!

Also just wanted to take time out to remember people close to me who passed away this year – Amanda Beaton (work colleague & my friend Tanias daughter who was only 26), my bestie Nunus Dad Uane Leasane Savea, my friends Ray, Mareko & Tias Mum Ruta Sagapolutele & my beautiful grandmother Mataniufeagaimaleata Ainuu.  My Nana passed away in Samoa and even though it was really sad it was also awesome to catch up with family that I hadn’t seen in years & to be back in Samoa too.  Hadn’t been back in 7 years or so.  Put together this site for my family.

Thanks to everyone who let me feature them on here and also took time out to answer all my questions.

Shouts to family and friends who held it down the whole year & new friends like my music video dance partner Johnson LOLZ! & the mantis Dr Seuss 😉

Cheers to 2012 and look forward to doing it all again in 2013 with yas!  God Bless !  ps one of the cool things I found on Instagram this year was Joyce Meyers devotionals which Riri posts pretty regularly.  You can download the app here 

And lastly – Here’s my Fave songs from 2012 – don’t know if they came out in 2012 but it’s what I’ve had on heavy rotation in 2012 (together with Kendrick Lamar, David Dallas, Spycc & Rex Martel albums) in no particular order – Enjoy:


The Recipe – Kendrick Lamar ft Dr. Dre  EVERY MORNING WHEN I WAKE UP!  UHHHH!

Cherry WineNas pretty much cos of this post by Justin Tinsley “where is he the man who is just like me?”

Next to me – Emele Sandi 

Sweet Life – Frank Ocean 

I’m not the Same – Aaradhna 

Your Man – (Josh Turner) but I like Home Made Entertainments version lol

Hey Girl – Fiji.  Heard this for the first time at Swiss’ EP release.  Loves it!

No other Love – Common Kings 

Good Luv – Jodeci It always gets played whatever the year is lol

and I probably shouldb’t be loving this one but yeah, lol

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