Places to Go: Hobbiton, Middle Earth (NZ)

Hobbiton fields

Was thinking I should share some of my own country before giving tips on everyone elses aye lol!  and figured it was good timing now especially seeing as ‘The Hobbit’ is out (Check out the trailer after the jump)  It’s also out here in NZ now and I hear it went head to head with Django Unchained on opening day in the US.

I work for a travel company here in NZ and we had our work Xmas party/break up dinner down in ‘Hobbiton’ which is the real life set of where a lot of “The Hobbit” and even the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy was filmed.  I’m not a HUGE ‘Lord of the Rings’ Trilogy fan – like I thought the movies were really good but I’ve never been a die hard OMG I LOVE LORD OF THE RINGS AND HOBBITS person so when they told us  our Xmas dinner was going to be in Hobbiton to be honest I was thinking zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZ lol!

BUT!!  I’m really glad I made the effort and went down to check it out because it’s actually really cool and I came away with a new appreciation for how beautiful the NZ countryside is.  I didn’t have my DSLR with me so apologies if the quality of the photos aren’t the greatest.  They were taken on my trusty iPhone.

Taller than a house bro

Did I mention that I auditioned for “The Hobbit” but uh yeah, I’m too tall bro lol!  (I’m joking btw)

My colleague and I missed the actual commentated tour because we were (cough!) late getting down there but they let us have a wander round ourselves after the dinner so we trekked around and wow! we were both really impressed.  There are 44 unique Hobbit Holes including Bag End (Bilbos ) house.  We saw a few of them with locks on the door so I’m pretty sure they were set houses you could go inside as well.

Looking back at Green Dragon restaurant

We were down there 2 days after “The Hobbit” red carpet premiere in Wellington and a day after the prime minister himself had opened the Green Dragon Pub so we were literally amongst the first people to eat there.  Food was awesome too!  Sorry I didn’t get any foodie shots  – I ate it all lol!   The shot above is taken on the bridge looking back at the Green Dragon Pub.

Path through Hobbiton

As we walked around I was really impressed with how everything  blended in really well with the natural environment like the path above that wound through the Hobbiton village and everything seemed real and authentic right down to little details like there being actual hobbit clothes hanging on the clotheslines and also in the detailing around the outside of the little hobbit houses….. sooooo cute!

Hobbit houses in the mountain

The manager at the Green Dragon told us that there had been 32 tour buses full of tourists that had been down to visit that day and this was about a month before the Hobbit had even been released so I can imaging they’re probably a lot busier now!

Hobbiton lake

You can either take a guided tour from Auckland or other cities within New Zealand that tour companies service OR drive down and then pay the admission price.  From Auckland (Glenfield on the North Shore to be exact) it took us pretty much exactly 2 hours to drive south out to Matamata and then another 10 – 15 mins driving from Matamata to Hobbiton.  You can also drive via Cambridge but I’ve been told the Matamata route is quicker.

In restaurant

This pic was taken inside the Green Dragon Inn and all the serving staff are dressed as Hobbits.  They also kneeled down for photos to make them look shorter in the photos but in my case it wasn’t necessary because I’m taller than a hobbit ….. (just a little bit lol)

All in all it was a great experience and I’m sure overseas as well as local visitors will love it!  There’s a whole section of Hobbiton that I didn’t get to see up close or take photos of because it was getting dark and my phone battery was also running low so might have to save that for next time I go down with the kids!

Hobbit house

They have tour pricing ex Auckland and other major cities within NZ.  Have included links to the company who actually does the Hobbiton movie set tours here and also a link to the 100% Pure New Zealand site which also has links through to  other attractions and sightseeing in the Matamata area such as the Wairere Falls, Matamata Farm Stays and more.

If you don’t know what “The Hobbit” is at all check out the trailer after the jump and a Behind the Scenes vid by director Peter Jackson that my friend Dei Hamo had posted on his  facebook.

Clowning filtered

And LASTLY I wanted to give my girl Vanu Maoate  a shout out (my beautiful friend who modelled for me in the Seven Deuce Clothing post here)  ….. I had IG’d  the above pic of myself clowning around in front of the Hobbit houses and I had quite a few people asking me if I was on a photoshoot LOL!  that would be a NO it was just me being silly but I figured Vanus awesome makeup skills had given people this impression – so wanted to give her props for her handiwork.  I’m actually useless at putting on makeup, I don’t really know how to put it on.  To go to work I just throw on tinted moisturiser with some MAC bronzer to  tone down the shiny bits and if I can be bothered some mascara and thats about it.  If I’m going out and needing to dress up a bit more it’s the same except I’ll add eyeshadow maybe (the crayon type that you literally just draw on lol) and put on red lippy instead of my usual lip balm – useless I know.

Makeup by Nunu

I was actually on my way to one of my friends BBQs on the shore which was a few hours before our Xmas dinner and had just dropped in to see Vanu at work to see if she had any false eyelashes glue (as you do lol) and then while we were eating lunch in my car she whips out her makeup and makes me over in literally 5 mins!!  WOWZERS!!  Here is what she used for my look:

* Thin Lizzy mineral foundation in bootylicious colour

* Thin Lizzy 3 in 1 bronzer

* Revlon Brown Shimmer eyeshadow

* Black Rimmel eyeliner (and I used my own falsies by MAC)

* For the pic above this I was wearing red ‘Ruby Woo’ MAC lippy

Vanu does makeup for weddings, parties, you name it she’s very experienced and her skills are also  put to really good use in the music industry as well.  She’s done makeup for a number of music videos too.  If you need makeup done for a special occasion contact Vanu on or message her on twitter @vanu_nunu – Watch out for her soon in my People to See section!  Yay!  Thanks Mama xx

Hobbit Trailer as promised


The Hobbit:  An Unexpected Journey (Behind the Scenes Peter Jackson vid)

Shot Sun for grabbing the link for me!


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