Ragga2013 UPDATED[5]


Thats where we’re all heading off to today – Yeeeeeeeah buddy!  Was reminiscing yesterday about my first trip down to Raggaz back in 2009 with my homie Del (he was on the roadtrip as well) and the fun times had by one and all in Vegas.  So many hilarious moments and lots of laughs with friends.  I was also thinking that if it hadn’t been for Raggaz this blog may not exist because if I hadn’t gone down that year, I wouldn’t have met Devolo (bit more of that story here), we wouldn’t have become good buddies and he wouldn’t have given me the idea to do the Ink Series …… so yeah, thats my blog connection to Raggamuffin haha

Aaaaaanyways, have I introduced you to one of my best friends in the world ….. Del Smith?!  NO?   omg!  My badness lol!  THIS guy is an awesome friend and most of the time I don’t know why he lets me hang out with him cos I’m sure I annoy the heck out of him with my awesome time keeping (said no-one ever lol), my blonde moments, panda eyes and more.  He also gives me great advice like “YOU CAN’T BE A DICK ALL YOUR LIFE PENZ …..”  thats always stuck with me aye lol!  Good peoples is our Del.

Ladies, he’s also SINGLE and ready to mingle hahaha Hit him up on 021 268 xxxx #laaaaaaaughing   He can play the guitar, he’ll carry your bags for you, I’m sure he’ll make you laugh cos he’s quite the funny choger, he sings, he’s an awesome barman, he can fight (no running man here #Laugh) …… I texted him earlier – Del!  I’m posting up your playlist now k? and he texts back ‘Dahahaha choice!  Hope it helps me get wifey. LMAO”    Alriiiiitey then lol (yeah, I’m so dead right now haha)  Oh I forgot to mention he’s kind, caring, nice, generous, he knows how to drive, um he exercises regularly with the Regulators etc etc …. lolz

AND Did I mention Dels also a DJ?  DJ DEL?  Heeeeeey!


Oh sorry then you didn’t want to give me your Beats By Dre headphones – SUHWEET SOLE!  lol!  Yeah, he’s probably thinking #KEFZ Ninz as he’s reading this too lol!

Um, sorry – back to the task at hand – Del is a DJ and since we’re all convoying it down to Rotorua in approximately 2 hours I thought he should share with us his Top 10 tracks from any of the artists peforming at THIS years Raggamuffin (lineup in the poster at the top).

Before we get on to his playlist though, if you should ever need his DJing services – Sorry just read his business card – “DJ Entertainment Services” you can contact him on:

021 268 7247 (haha you thought I wasn’t gonna give his number out aye) or email him on soulescape78@gmail.com

“Music for all occasions from the 70’s through today.  RnB, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Top 40 plus more.  Available for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, school functions and more – Lights Provided”

Shot Del!  So lets see what you’ve chosen as your Top 10 tracks  ……  ps Dels written the below and said his Top 10 are in no particular order.

 Beautiful Woman – Toots & the Maytals

This song always takes me back to my childhood memories in the 80’s when my parents along with aunts & uncles would dance, laugh & sing along to this song.  Cracks me up too coz their dance moves back then just wouldn’t be so 21st Century savvy now. Ahhh the memories! Lol.

Love I – The Green

I first came across this song in 2010 when I FB’d my cousins in Hawaii to ask what the latest Island reggae jams were & this song was part of his list so I YouTube’d it & loved it so I downloaded it…..then I started hearing it being played on Niu FM in 2011……..just a tad behind Niu, but you made a good choice! Ha!


Sunshine Girl – J Boog ft. Peetah Morgan

I’ve always been a fan of J Boog’s music & love ‘em all equally but this collab with Peetah Morgan was my jam last summer with its catchy tune & upbeat tempo.


Tell Him – Lauryn Hill

I’d first heard of this girl when she appeared in Sister Act 2 (I think most of the world did…..or is it just me?) & just thought her voice was heavenly when she sang “His eye is on the sparrow”.  Anyway, my sister (or maybe it was my cousin) bought “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” album, which I “borrowed” & never gave back, & “Tell Him” was the bonus track on it & thought it was a nice song…..then I listened to the lyrics & realised she’s actually singing about Jesus, & I loved the song even more.

p.s – did you know my other babes Jennifer Love Smith….or Hewitt as you know her, was in Sister Act 2 too?? LMAO.  Thought I’d share that!  Hope it changed your life! LOL.


No other love – Common Kings

Ok Ninz I’m gonna get a lil gay here k, LOL but I kinda believe that there is that one true special someone out there for everyone, & its just a pity that we gotta sift through all the other bullshit cubic zirconia’s till we find that real diamond, so this song kinda describes how I’d love to treat my queen…………..should I ever find her! LOL.  Hey, call me a hopeless romantic….but its just me! LOL.

Me:  See ladies I told you he’s a bit of a catch!! ps I love this song too – every time it comes on the radio I crank the volume up and yell out “I CAN TAKE YOU TO THE KINGDOM MY LADY”


This is love – J Boog ft. Monsta

A song I’d dedicate to my parents always for everything they’ve done for me.

“….a son never forgets, this verse is for you love!”


Doo Wop (That thing) – Lauryn Hill

I love songs with meanings & this song basically tells of peeps valuing material things such as cars, shoes, money over the things that really matter like family & friends etc……I don’t possess much except the value of my loved ones I surround myself with.

Me:  Yup and for girls not to be slaaaarts & for boys not to be players and to look after their kids


Red Red Wine – UB40 (Ali Campbell)

I’m sure almost every household in South Auckland had a copy of Labour of Love & this song from the album is just one of those classics that will never get old albeit a remake of an old song, but UB40’s rendition plus Ali’s semi-nasal singing voice just made it that much more a hit that will go down as one of the 80’s greatest anthems.  It’s yet another one of those many songs that I remember hearing at our family parties way back when! LOL.

Wade in your water – Common Kings

I like this song for no real reason other than coz I like the tune of it…….& its about a surfer girl.  Surfer girls are HOT! Lol.

Hey Girl – Fiji

I know, I know!, This is a Tongan song…….& I’m Samoan, but so what?!  It’s still a good song, I can sing along to it, & a good Tongan mate gave me a basic translation of the song. LOL.

Me:  Yup I love this song too

Thanks heaps Del!

Here’s a couple of my own personal faves to add to DJ Dels list (they didn’t make his obviously)  because its my blog and I can lol!

ps – SUPER excited to see Lauryn again  – she was sooooo good last time, the line-up this year is MEAN.  Common Kings are headlining tonight!  Looking forward to seeing reggae legend Ali Campbell and his UB40 band.  Literally can.not.wait!  and with that said – I’ma go pack and get ready for our roadie ….

Let me know who you looking forward to seeing at Raggaz if you going and what your fave reggae tracks are.


J.Boog – Let’s do it Again!

This song reminds me of Raro and going to “Rehab” – the DJ at the time would play this song at the end of the night and everyone would know the club was about to close so they’d all run onto the dance floor for their last dance and last chance to hook up (Um thats just what I observed lol)

Common  Kings – Fly 

LOVE this song – one of my favourite jams and it’s been on repeat since I went to the Common Kings gig back in October

Turn your Lights Down Low – Lauryn Hill 

Another L.Boogie fave, I can do her rap in the middle in case you care lol “Lovin you is like a song I replay, every 3 minutes & 30 seconds of every day ….”

Can’t take my eyes off of you – Lauryn Hill 

Had the “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” in my car which I pretty much thrashed and whenever this song would come on the kids and I would sing along to it and belt out the chorus “I NEED YOU BABYYYY”


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