Community Love Update – Kosher-Love’s 3rd Birthday Gala!


Little Kosher-Love Lopes turns 3 today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOSHER!!

Towards the end of last year I did a post on little Kosher-Love Lopes and the support she received from the community when friends of her parents – Chantelle & Thomas Blakelock hosted a fundraiser to help Koshers family out with the expenses that come with looking after a child battling cancer.  The response was awesome and a number of local businesses and people got behind them to raise funds for Kosher and her family.  There were cupcakes, cakes and other goodies for sale, haircuts by Kingdom Cutters (a few people shaved their hair in support of Kosher including Raewyn on the day), tattoos by tattooists at Tha P.I.T, raffles, a number of items up for auction on facebook.  A lot of the local hip-hop community got behind it and were there on the day  to show love – shouts to the cuzzy Rezoloot & his Horsemen Family boys and even Fortafy (from Australia) came by to show love, sign autographs and donated a number of his cds to be sold at the event too.   They managed to raise over $7,000 on the day!

Tomorrow (Saturday the 16th of March 2013) Koshers parents Raewyn and Peter (NZ hip-hop heads may know them as Kwierest and Jesone) are throwing Kosher a party and you’re all invited!

KosherLove poster

You can check out items available now for auction (auction is live) on her facebook event page:  Kosher-Love’s 3rd Birthday Gala here  .  There is still time to donate items or services for auction and they’re also looking for baking to be sold on the day too.  If you would like to help out in any way you can contact me via email and I’ll put you in touch with Raewyn.

If you can’t make it out to the fundraiser in Pakuranga but would like to make a monetary donation, there are details in the poster above or on her facebook page (link above)


Update on where Kosher is at medically:

Kosher has completed her radiation and chemotherapy treatment.  She had scans and a full body check of her body to see whether she is clear of the cancer at the end of last year.  Koshers eyelashes, eyebrows and hair have grown back again and at the moment she is undergoing antibodies treatment which has been a really intense time for her and her family.  I read Raewyns updates on her facebook page whenever she posts them and I’ve got to say I have the utmost respect and am totally inspired by both her and Peter with the way they’ve handled everything to do with Kosher and her illness.

The last time I spoke to them, they were planning on writing a book as a guide for parents who may have to face the same thing so they know what to expect and to make sure they keep themselves informed of everything that is happening to their child and if they’re not sure of anything the doctor or nurse may be telling them to ASK QUESTIONS!!


I thought I’d leave you with Raewyns last facebook post/update on Koshers condition which she posted last week:

Kosher-Love Lopes ♥ – Grumpy Day! Not Happy! Angry Faces and Loud Screams! We encouraged her let it out and she straight screamed down the ward and them fell into my arms! Hey man confined to a bed being overloaded with fluids – feeling straight miserable I’d want to punch and kick too. Sorry Kosh ♥ One more day and then home Friday. Straight to the park and a Family BBQ I think to lift up her spirits and next week at her party she won’t remember being so down! ♥ She is sleeping now, she needed oxygen for an hour but after her ferusimide and the fluid shift we’re hoping her lungs will clear enough for her to comfortably breathe with out the extra help. Night all, Love and Peace to your Family and A Big Thank you to those who checked out our online auction. Congratulations to the winners ♥


and her birthday message to Kosher this morning:

HAPPY THIRD BIRTHDAY MY PELEMONI – Kosher-Love Lopes So much for Mummy to look forward to. Many more birthdays with you, your 16th 21st – Wedding Day – Buying your first home – Children – All their Birthdays etc. Grateful for our life together blessed and honoured to be your Mum. You and your siblings are the coolest kids I have ever known. ♥ I pray you may always stay connected to the divine through the love and light, peace, wisdom and strength that your spirit is. You’re the strongest healer I have been blessed to know and are destined for greatness. The healing and inspiration you have inspired over the last 13 months has been breath taking and I am truly grateful you chose me to help you through this time. You have helped me grow from strength to strength and again I am honoured! ♥ Kisses and Love Kisses and Love.XXXX


Again, if you’d like to contribute in any way to Kosher and her family you can post a message or prayer on their Facebook pages:


Monetary donations can be made to:

Westpac Kosher-Love Lopes

Account Number:  03 0227 0576768 001

For overseas deposits, the swift code is WPACNZ2W
See you guys tomorrow xx

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