Ink Series – Jason Momoa X Pani


My sister Talia emailed me about a month or 2 ago to let me know that Jason Momoa was coming to New Zealand for Armageddon and that I should get down there to see him and ask him for his ink story & also gaze in wonder at his freakin hot self!!  Um Yeeeeees Pleeeeeeeease!

Unfortunately for some reason unknown to me, the organisers of Armageddon held the event outside of Auckland – WHYYYYYYY?!?! (well, actually I think it’s coming to Auckland in October but I don’t know if Jason Momoa is included in the line-up)  and so it was just too much of a mission to get down to see him – especially when my kids have rugby games that take up the better half of a Saturday – so I’d pretty much given up on the whole idea.

For those of you not familiar with this beautiful man, he is probably more recently well known for his role as Khal Drogo in HBOs Game of Thrones.

Khal Drogo

ANYWAYS, although I couldn’t prioritise some Jason Momoa time when he was here – Fresh TV‘s Pani of Pani & Pani fame DID go down to Hamilton to see him,  ask him for his ink story and gaze in wonder at his freakin hot self …… and more ….. Check out her HIIILAAAAAAARIOUS interview with him below

In case you were totally distracted by his hotness and didn’t quite catch the meaning behind his tattoo:

Pani: What is the meaning behind your tattoo?  Your tatau?

Jason: This is the Mango, the mako here right? mako?  the shark, It’s our aumakua, our family crest, guardian – the shark, it’s supposed to take the darkness out of your heart and bring the light in – but we’re still working on that (laughs)

Best quote: Pani –  ‘I think my Dragon eggs are pregnant’ *dead*

PS – Pani, you are my hero!!!

He is half Hawaiian (yeah, go the afakasi Polys!  #TeamPoly) and Jason also gets bonus points for marrying Lisa Bonet who is one of my all time favourite actresses from back in her Cosby Show days.  Love her in Enemy of the State too.


Ummmm yeah, so thats the meaning of his tattoo …….

aaaaand since I don’t have too much else on his tattoos I think we should just look at more pics of him aye?

Yeah, I thought you might agree ….. Enjoy!











Yes!  I know!!

You’re Welcome – Enjoy the rest of your day!!

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