The Daylight Robbery

The Daylight Robbery

Been pretty excited about my favourite NZ bands upcoming EP and as I’m writing this it’s exactly 7 minutes away from when the boys are going to drop it for all of our listening pleasure!

Probably most well known as being the backing band for the bro David Dallas, The Daylight Robbery boys – Toma Amosa* (keyboardist & musical extraordinaire), Ron Amosa* (drum smasher) and Sale Leilua (bass player) thought they’d put together their own solo project. Shot guys!

Got to catch up with the bro Toma when he was doing an amazing cover up tattoo job on one of my tattoo fails lol!  Did I mention that Toma is also ZE MASTER tattooist!  No lie – check his work out on IG here  (You might see my side piece on there)  and he was in the middle of the mastering process – hope I got that right?!  with Jordache – which he was telling me was taking hours.  He explained that most artists had mastering engineers to do the audio post production but that they were doing it all themselves which was making for a lot of late nights/early mornings.  So yeah, it’s awesome to get to hear the finished product now.

*Recognise that Amosa last name?  Yup they’re also Fasitua Amosas brothers!  Talented family!! 


The guys have been dropping teasers the last couple of months with these tracks:

Interrupt ft Jordache of Fire & Ice

Rollercoaster ft Jordache & Heydon Hohaia 

and with accompanying video even!

Last night they dropped the Rollercoaster remix featuring NZ Hip Hop heavyweights David Dallas & PNC

and today they previewed the tracklist for their EP and it looks like they’ve enlisted some super talented peeps for features such as Spycc Latu & Niko.

CAN.NOT.WAIT!!  Been checking my twitter for the last 10 minutes to see if they’ve shared the link yet but maybe they’re having a few Wild Turkeys first lol Priorities!!




Got to see them play their first live solo gig at Cassette on what also happened to be my birthday so yeah, that made for an awesome birthday lol!   Looking forward to their next gig!!

Here’s some shots of the guys I’d taken of them backing David Dallas at the “Dirty 10 year anniversary gig” as well as a vid of their live performance out at Matakana again backing Dave.

Toma - TDR

Drummer view



David Dallas X The Daylight Robbery Matakana on the Six60 Tour in Matakana

Best parts at the end with Ron wilding out on the drums lol!

Follow them on Twitter – @ThxDxylghtRbbry

Like them on Facebook – The Daylight Robbery 

Subscribe to their YouTube Channel 

And don’t forget to go through to Bandcamp & DL their EP!

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