Mareko X The Side Hustle Hip-Hop Show

Side Hustle

I’ve been listening in to a lot of Indy/Online radio lately – mostly the Full Clip Radio shows in Brizzy, RepFM when the Horsemen Boys or Los (Mr Sicc) are on & recently started tuning in to KFM (is it just me or is Rep & K on the same frequency – 106.9FM?) on Monday nights (after Wentworth & during the Shameless ads hahaha).  Even got to check out the late night show up at K.FM on Monday night – shouts to Becks, Seymore & Zach for letting Johnson & I up in there lol

Aaaaaanyways, if you haven’t tuned in to the Side Hustle Hip Hop show on Wednesday nights – you really should start – it’s my FAVOURITE show!   And if you love all things hippity hop, you won’t be disappointed!  Mareko hosts it and honestly he’s probably the best Radio DJ I’ve heard in a long time.  He’s fricken hilarious.  Confession:  I don’t actually get to tune in on Wednesday nights cos I have basketball & when I get home I usually forget but Rex always throws his shows up on Soundcloud so I get to catch up when I’m at work.  I’m sure my workmates think I’m on crack because I’m always busting out laughing at stuff he’s talking about because yeah, his commentary on the state of the world, the state of hip-hop in general, sports, his peers, politics, you name it – it’s always on point!  His current affairs game is STRONG SUNN! lol


Gotta give it up for DJ Right Click and a couple of Marekos segments never fail to crack me up – ‘STFU’ and ‘Mean Songs by Whack C*nts’  too, too funny!

Every now and then he has special guests – I think one of my favourite shows would be the IV he did with P-Money.  REALLY interesting!!

He also always manages to have mean playlists or sets EVERY week!  Here’s the first show that he did back in April:

And I’m gonna include this one in here cos even I got a shout out lol “Google her SUNN” haha shot Rex!

For all Side Hustle Hip Hop shows to date click here !

Or if you think you’d like to tune in live he’s on Full Clip Radio BNE on Wednesday nights 8-10pm BNE time OR 10pm-12am AKL time.  Tonight (14.07.13) he has another special guest joining him – Kenzie from Welly (hopefully I spelt that right)

So since I was working on his Ink Series post which you can read about here I was curious to see what he has on heavy rotation at the moment as well as his Top 5 classics.  And because he’s also ZE Nicest rapper in the Universe he obliged and sent me the list below.  Shot Big Rex!  Appreciate it!


Hustle & Chase Money – Horsemen Family (ft Devolo, Job Concrete, Vella, Erkal, Rezoloot & D Love)

Whose world is this ft Psalms – Rizvan (Track 6)

Water Sports – Action Bronson 

Spark Master – All I know

Sekia Le Mea – P-Dise 


Hand of the Dead Body – Scarface 

Picture me Rollin – Tupac 

Spottieottiedopalicious – Outkast 

Ante Up – MOP 

Public Enemy No.1 – Public Enemy 



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