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Lanz Fat Robbery

My youngest sister Leilani (of Lani Says) on our first day of ‘Fat Robbery’ last year

I’ve noticed people are a lot more health conscious these days and with summer just around the corner I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing lately to TRY and keep in shape, give you a couple of inspirational stories and an abs workout.  Last year a bunch of us all did a 12 week challenge which we called ‘The Fat Robbery’ – shouts to Ron Amosa for organising it, our awesome trainer Shoneel Singh (& the 2 or 3 times that he couldn’t take us – Rod Mcswain from Ludus Magnus) and also congrats to Toma Amosa & Mua Moors for winning it!  Mua then went on to prepare for a body building competition which she competed in today – shot Mua!  You go girl!

Unlike Mua, I totally fell off the exercise wagon when we finished the challenge and slowly piled all the weight that I’d lost back on until I couldn’t fit any of my jeans or work pants – true story!  No Bueno lol!

At the moment I’m nearly 87kgs which is 10kgs more than what I am normally.  I usually sit around the 76 – 78kg mark.  The biggest I got was around the end of 2011 where I got up to 92kgs!   To put this in perspective for you – when I was nearly at full term with my youngest son Rocky I was 96kgs so I was nearly my full term pregnancy weight without an actual baby lol!  WOWZERS!!  Most of that weight was due to a really unhealthy lifestyle.

I’ve always been pretty active – played a lot of sports and did athletics from primary right through high school –  Who wants to race? and stayed playing social & competitive club netball and touch rugby after I had my kids.

The last couple of years I slowed down quite a bit because my kids sports took priority over my own (I’ve had my time) and I started a new job which was  really full on.  The hours were way longer (pulled a lot of all nighters trying to keep on top of my work load so I ate a lot of junk and drank a lot of V or Red Bull to stay awake), had a lot more responsibility & the new work environment was pretty toxic.  It sounds kinda cliche but to unwind I drank …. a LOT which helped with the weight gain cos you know when you’re drinking everyone gets the munchies round the 3am mark & hits Maccas or BK haha!

So it was time to hit the road baybay!  And hit the road I did ….. Really hard lolz!!




Ummm yeah, so this was a result of being like YEAH!! Today is the start of being healthy – going for a run, getting distracted by the rubbish truck guys, tripping over and doing a massive faceplant on the footpath – FAIL lol!   This slowed down my health & exercise plan by a couple weeks while I had to go to White Cross daily for a week to get antibiotics and have my dressings changed.  BUT I guess it was better than the time I fell off a treadmill at Les Mills, cut my leg open down to the bone and couldn’t exercise for a couple MONTHS haha!

So other than running (and trying not to fall over) I started back training a couple weeks ago with some of the old Fat Robbery crew who continued on with Shoneel after we all finished the 12 week challenge.  Brroooooo!  The last couple Sundays I’ve hardly been able to move aye?  Thats how good its been!!  He mixes up lots of strength training with some cardio.

I’ve also been playing basketball and loving it.  It doesn’t clash with the kids training and we play week nights so it doesn’t interfere with their weekend sports either – we play in a mixed social grade (3 boys & 2 girls) so it’s not super serious or anything but it’s a really good run around.  I play Wednesday nights with a bunch of mates and Monday nights with my cousins & their cousins so it’s kinda like a family team.



Family team – Shot Alex & Matt! 

We dragged my cousin Alex up Mangere Mountain with us to get some shots playing up on the outside court there too – I’m planning to get up there when the weather clears up and practise shooting because I’m a really, really HORRIBLE shooter!!  I spent the last 20 years playing defense in netball where I never had to shoot though so thats my excuse haha!  Thanks to Lani for the pics and to Alex for playing through the rain – shot cuz!



Oh and if you’re serious or semi-serious about improving your shooting, my twitter/TSS fam buddy Aaron put me on to this cool basketball video series which teaches you shooting form, technique, practise drills and all that good stuff needed to help you get the ball in the basket whilst looking good while you’re at it.  I actually get points for my team now AND I shoot like a basketballer not a netballer lol!

Speaking of Aaron, he had me look at what I was eating and suggested I take leftovers to work to replace my favourite snack of all time – Mi Goreng noodles (sigh!)   In theory this was really good because Mi Goreng and any 2 minute noodles are ultra fatty and unhealthy if not eaten in moderation but I’d forget to take leftovers to work and then go down to BK for their $4 lunchtime combo specials which kinda defeats the purpose lol!  #FAIL but no more BK!! Just gonna have to starve if I forget to take leftovers.  Food wise I’ve tried to be sensible and cut out things like best foods mayo – had a really bad habit of smothering all my food in Mayo – and also soft drinks, energy drinks, sugary ish as much as possible.

So there you have it – Better Living Everybody!  I’ll check in with you all again towards the end of November to see if I was able to reach my goals.  My goals are pretty simple so far – get back down to at least 78 – 80kgs, stay exercising regularly and eating well.

If you’re looking for some motivation or inspiration yourself – check out my brother Taulaga and cousin Chano’s before and after pics below.

My brother Taulaga before:


and after ….

He told me that he’d always been a skinny kid growing up so his main goal was to bulk up and get big which he achieved!  He said he wasn’t healthy though – all he did was weights to get big but he didn’t do any cardio at all so wouldn’t have been able to run round the block.  He also ate anything and everything and was drinking all the time as well.  It wasn’t until he got into watching UFC that he decided he wanted to give MMA a go because he’d always wanted to be a fighter (I suggested maybe he wanted to get into fighting from all the times I beat him up when we were growing up but he just laughed).  He said it was a lot of really hard work and he had to totally change up his diet and also the way he trained but the results are noticeable and my sister Lani and I got to watch one of his first fights a year or so ago which was awesome.  He’s stuck to it as well – he still trains all the time and said he tries to run everywhere as much as he can.  One thing about my brother is once he puts his mind to it he’s a bit fanatical about it but he’s really determined and sticks to it.  Shot Tau!


And my cousin Chano’s Before and after pics below:

I grew up with Chano in Raro and I never got to know his Dad because he died a year or 2 before we moved there.  He died really young (in his early 30s) and I remember when Chano started on this journey he posted something on facebook about this and how he wanted to make sure he was around as long as he could for his kids!  Since then he’s got his mates into it too and was so good to see my bestie Vanus husband Daniel looking a whole lot lighter when they came back on a recent visit.  He even came and played a game of bball with my team – Shot Dan!  I see Marekos joined them on their latest 12 week challenge too – awesome guys!

Pretty sure his facebook page is private so can’t link you through to it but he said I can take some of the stuff from his album.

He weighed an excess of 200kgs before he started at the gym just over a year ago.  6 weeks prior to his weigh-in he started to change his eating and introduced walking for 15 – 20 mins at his local park 2 – 4 times a week and gradually increased the distances.  When he felt he was ready for the gym he signed up on the 19th of July 2012.   He didn’t use a personal trainer – with trial and error he came up with his own training routine.  He said the biggest highlight of his journey was the dramatic change & huge improvement with his cardiovascular fitness – from barely being able to walk 20 minutes without gasping for air to being able to run 5km without stopping in less than 40 mins.

He says his main focus over the next year is to continue to practise and implement proper form with all his compound lifts and to work on his body composition.  He said he’s done the hard part of losing the majority of the weight and now it’s time to start the next phase which is probably where he’ll need professional help.



Real proud of these 2 aye?  No talk just action alright!

Hope this can get you going on a Monday morning and to give you a kick start – my buddy Charlie Pome’e (lead singer from Three Houses Down) has shared with me some simple abs exercises you can do at home – check them out after the jump.  He took me through his abs workout a couple of weeks ago and OMG!  The next day it hurt just to change the gears when I was driving to work.  Pain = gewwwwwwd aye?!  I’m hoping I’ll have abs to show you at the end of November too – heeeeeey!

I asked Charlie what triggered his health change and he said he was hardout into league and came up with the likes of Manu Vatuvei and other Warriors players through high school but when he was 16 he was in Australia on a sports exchange and broke his arm really badly.  He got sent home and ended up putting his sports on the backburner and instead joined his older brothers band – Three Houses Down.  A few years later he became the front man for the band by the age of 19 and then they were overseas touring the States, opening for UB40.  He said its hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you’re on tour because he said all you do is eat, sit around waiting for the next gig, your body clocks out of whack because you’re always playing late at night and then you sleep all day, get up – eat and start the cycle again.  He said he doesn’t drink so it wasn’t alcohol but just straight eating really bad.  He got his wake up call when he got back to NZ and then couldn’t tie his shoelaces because his stomach was in the way and he was just too big.  He got up to 130kgs!  Since then he’s been determined to get back to a healthy weight and size which he’s now achieved – He’s currently about 94kgs.  He said when he performed at The Mixer this time last year he was in the middle of getting back into the gym again and you can notice the difference even from then to now too!

Charlie in October last year – Fresh TV interviews after the Mixer.


Charlie now with abs lol and abs exercises you can do at home – Shot Charlie!!


When he took me through his abs exercises he said he sets his timer to 1 minute and then does each of these exercises for a minimum of 1 minute.  If you feel like you need to do more then you can always do 3 sets of each of the exercises – up to you.

The Bridge


Side Bridge


Leg Lifts

Charlie said for home you could grab onto the base of your bed or anything solid that won’t move when you do the leg lifts.  He also said when you bring your legs down don’t let your feet touch the floor!




Leg Rows 

Ps I’m making the names for these exercises up if you couldn’t tell already lol!  I have no idea what the proper names for these exercises are so whatever helps you remember them!



Bear Crawls

I first did these at Ludus Magnus gym and I hate them!  I swear I’m too tall for this stupid exercise lol BUT it does work out your core really good so just do it eah!



You need to crawl like this forward as far as you can go and then backwards at least 3 or 4 times.

Hope this helps if you’re trying to make a ‘Better Living’ change for yourself!

Since I’m no expert on any of this I’ve enlisted the help of someone who is!! Look out for a regular feature from Telesa model X Rugby player Ezra Taylor coming to these pages veddddy soon!  Shot Ezra!!

And like my cousin Chano says – Salute to everyone on that health grind!

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