Allan Tonkin Part 2 – Living The Dream Entertainment


Allan Tonkin at his first “Sunday Sessions” LTD Entertainment event held a few weeks ago

I’d seen a couple of tweets & IG posts about “Sunday Sessions” in my feed a few times from Allans New Flava Barbers account and then saw LTD Entertainment had started following me on Twitter and Instagram.  One of the IG posts caught my eye as I realised it was a new venture that Allan had started running so I thought I’d go down to New Flava Barbers and find out what it was all about before I went to check out the first “Sunday Sessions” which actually happened about 3 weeks ago.  Pics from the first event after the jump.

LTD Entertainment are about to do their second “Sunday Sessions” event this Sunday the 22nd of December so check out the interview with Allan below and if you think it’s something you’d like to get along and unwind to before Xmas, hit him up on any of their Social Media sites:

Twitter – Follow them here

Facebook – Like them here

It’s always cool for me to see people getting out there doing new things for themselves and Allan is one of those people.  I caught up with him earlier in the year about how he started his barbershop business “New Flava Barbers” which is arguably the most popular in South Auckland.  (Every time I’ve taken the boys there for their cuts its always packed with customers) So was really interested to see what LTD Entertainment was all about.

Me:  So first off – what is LTD Entertainment?

Allan:  LTD Entertainment – Yup that is Living The Dream …. so Living The Dream Entertainment


Me:  So is it like a promotions type company or are you getting into events?

Allan:  Yeah, promoting and more like events and stuff that I really want to get into aye?  So yeah, Living the Dream is kind of where we’d throw a party and then the people that come, “Live the Dream” for a day or night you know when they come out and party so thats kind of the concept for it.

Me:  Where did you get the whole concept for this?

Allan:  I think it was cos I like partying …. heaps, like I’m a professional partyer so I thought I could set something up where I could make money from it too, and you know get a business going from it as well.  Yeah, so I thought “Sunday Sessions” would be really good because they do them a lot in Aussie.  So it’s a good environment, suns out and stuff and I thought it would be good to start with Sunday Sessions and get in an older crowd, a mature crowd you know playing some old school music that no other place actually does you know?  Plays 80’s, 90’s for our generation and older.

Me:  So had you got the idea from actually seeing it being done somewhere else?

Allan:  Yeah, just from everywhere really, going around and seeing different venues and stuff I thought I’d add my own little flavour to it.  

Me:  The Venue that you’re holding Sunday Sessions this Sunday (The Beach House, Bucklands Beach) – is that where they’re always going to be held?

Allan:  Yeah, for Sunday Sessions at the moment it’ll just be held every 3 weeks so it’s something for people to look forward to.  They’ll also be sold as prepaid tickets so we have a select crowd there so we don’t have gatecrashers and young ones turning up.  It’ll be a good crowd with a few celebrities where everyone can just chill to good music and food, so thats the vibe I want to get and thats why it’ll all be prepaid tickets.  A guy named Alex, he’s a Tongan guy, he owns the Beach House – he’s really on to it, entrepreneur type guy and he’s good to work with, gave us a good deal.  The venues right across from the beach and really creates that summer atmosphere straight away so hopefully the sun comes out and we’ll be away.


The Beach House in Bucklands Beach

Me:  Cool so have you organised everything from the food to the drinks and all that side of things or?

Allan: Yeah, everything like thats all sorted.  We’ve got a good deal where from 3-5pm it’ll be $3 – $5 food and drinks menu for everyone to get out there early and yeah, thats what it is really.  It’s something that I’d like to go to!  When I plan events, I plan it as something that I’d like to go to so I like old school music, I like a little bit of a happy hour, good vibes you know?  So you’ll probably find that other people will like it too.  



Me:  Will it be different DJs and acts every “Sunday Sessions”?

Allan: Yeah, it’ll be open really but I’ll have different musicians every time – definitely but DJ Meyerz will be playing and he’s one of my favourite old school DJs, he’s the man so I’ll get him to come and play.  He’ll be playing most of them.  He doesn’t do the club scene, he just DJs old school for like events, parties.  We’re working on the schedule now (for the different acts) but there’s so many artists aye?  I’m mainly looking at artists who perform soul, R&B, chilled type music so this week we’ve got Cydel and Marina from Ma-V-Elle so she’ll do a little set there too so yeah, that kind of music.  


DJ Meyerz

Megan, Pele & Allan

Megan, Pele from Cydel and Allan – Pic taken from their facebook page.

Me:  Do you think you’ll get into bigger international stuff too?  Do you see this as just a stepping stone?

Allan:  Yeah, just a stepping stone and I’ve got other ideas for next year – parties and different events so these are just nice little small ones to cater for a mature crowd and get into maybe stuff for a younger crowd later on, maybe a few celebrity parties – should be good and some bigger DJ names, like DJ P Money is keen to come so thats where we’re heading towards anyway, bigger venue and all that.

Me:  The last time I talked to you about New Flava Barbers you mentioned you get the hook ups cutting celebrities hair (eg The Game and Ghostface Killah) when they come because of the people you know in the industry, did that kind of give you the idea to get into events and promoting because of the people you know too?

Allan:  Yeah, well I’m actually doing this with my sister-in-law Megan Alatini and she likes all that kind of stuff aye?  Like setting up events and event management so I wanted to get her on board to do it with me as well and she knows a lot of people as well so it’s a good combination.  So it’s good because we’ve got the right peeps in there with networking in the industry and it’s good to bring it all together so this is both of ours.  


Megan Alatini and Allan

Me:  The first Sunday Sessions kicks off tomorrow do you see it as a Summer event or something you’d do year round?  

Allan:  Yeah, who knows but at the moment I’d say just summer, out in the sun having cocktails and then the rest of the year we’d do bigger events.  We’ll get it going and set it up as a proper business – get into competition with the High Life thing, those High Life gigs (laughs).  Yeah, they’re awesome, have a look at them they’re pretty mean.  Adam Bennett does them and he’s the man for all the main ones here.  We’d KIND of be in competition with them but not really ….. different crowds if you know what I mean.  

Me:  What can people expect from “Sunday Sessions”

“Sunday Sessions” will start from 3pm till about 10pm so everyone has time to go to church, get their washing done (laughs) and then come out.  It finishes early too so people will still be able to get up and go to work on Monday and get the kids ready or whatever else they need to do.  There’s no age restriction but we sold the tickets to people who are like 25 – 50 yr olds so it’ll be an older crowd, a lot of business owners, people who will spend money if you know what I mean.  More mature, better crowd.  Get sick of going to the nightclubs now seeing the same old thing, feeling old and oh man, seeing my nieces out and they’ll come up and be like “Hey Uncle!” (laughs) so yeah, thats another reason I started this too.  We need somewhere to go too you know, not do the all nighters but somewhere to go and still have fun, cos you know a lot of people our age want to hang out on a Sunday with friends, get away from the kids – a place where you can come with your partner and just have fun as well or come with your girls, come with your boys.  It’ll be a good mixture of singles and couples, groups or whatever.

Shot!!  Thanks Allan!!

I went to check out the first “Sunday Sessions” and had actually asked one of my friends Johnson Raela if he wanted to go with me and turns out he was already going so I met up with him and his flatmate Upu and their friend Pip and we made the trip out to Bucklands Beach.  It was honestly one of the best afternoon/nights I’d had out.  The atmosphere and vibe was awesome – we started out sitting outside having a few drinks and something to eat in the sun and listened to Marina (yeah, uh we got there late so missed Cydels performance lol) then wandered inside to talk to other people we ran into that we knew.  The DJ was AWESOME!!  There were people on the dance floor the whole time and needless to say I can’t wait for the next one which is happening this Sunday so don’t miss out.  I messaged Allan a couple of days ago and he said there’s still tickets for sale so if you don’t have anything to do this Sunday – come along for a great afternoon and night.

Details on the flyer below:


More pics from the first Sunday Sessions event as promised below:


Pip & Johnson 


Johnson and I 




Johnson and Upu 


Upu and Sam  


Allans son 


Jo Holley


Pieter T and fans 

These guys really wanted to show me their abs lol


Joseph Parker & Pieter T


Me and Joe 

And then check out the awesome sunsets from right outside the Beach House!





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