My Top 10 – 2013


David Dallas – Runnin was the most played song in my iTunes for 2013

I haven’t done a playlist in ages so thought I’d do my Top 10 for 2013 because it’s the 31st of December 2013 and this is the last day I can do it lol!

This is based on number of plays on my iTunes BUT I have to mention that half way through the year my buddy Rohan transferred all of my iTunes onto my hard-drive and the play count went back to zero so it’s probably not a very true indication of the most plays for 2013 because the count will be skewed towards what I listened to in the 2nd half of the year after the iTunes transfer.  But hey it’s all good and I’ve given a few artists honourable mention because I know I was thrashing  them at the beginning of the year.

Some of these didn’t come out in 2013 but dah well!  They must be good if I’m still listening to them!  Also, I’ve put “Runners Up” tracks with the artist because for a few of them, some of their other songs were REALLY close with the play counts.

NUMBER ONE – David Dallas “Runnin” – Falling into Place & produced by Fire & Ice

All I can say is that when Dave gave a few of us a preview of the video before it had been released as a single and prior to the vid being released I was SUPER excited about it and yeah, couldn’t wait for the country and the world to hear it.  The visual that Tom Gould shot is dope and I love the back story behind them shooting up in the Hokianga too.  Check it out on Lani Says here.  Really stoked for Dave that it’s done so well here and internationally & its also his first single to go Gold!

Runners Up:  Caught in a Daze ft Freddie Gibbs &  Southside ft Young Sid & Mareko

NUMBER TWO – Kanye West “Bound 2” – Yeezus

Uh Huh Honey!  I love the song but the video enh! – not so much.

NUMBER THREE – Freddie Gibbs “Bout it Bout it” – Baby Face Killa

So Freddie Gibbs came to Auckland and he was bloody awesome!!   I think I played Bout it Bout it, BFK, Highway to Hell and a bunch of my Gangsta Gibbs faves non-stop from when I found out he was coming to NZ until about a month after he’d left!         I would also like to award him with the “Best Abs on a Rapper” title lol!  Seriously though!  He was very, very cool – came and hung out with us after his show with his manager and DJ.  He’s also hilarious on twitter too!

Runners Up:  BFK & Highway to Hell plus all of #Midwestgangstaboxframecadillacmuzik 

NUMBER FOUR – Big Sean “Fire” – Hall of Fame 

Came across this particular song via The Smoking Section and a Justin Tinsley write up on the video and although I’m not much of a Miley fan, I don’t hate the vid BUT I love the track.  Did you get to see the Big Sean IV Lani Says did with him here?

NUMBER FIVE – Drake “Hold on, we’re going home” – Nothing was the Same

It’s catchy as and I like hearing Drizzy sing!  I think I must have mentioned this to DS because he then put me on to another sing songish Drizzy track that I hadn’t heard before – I know!  Shame on me – off his ‘So Far Gone’ mixtape “Little Bit” ft Lykke Li which also got multiple plays.

Runner Up: Little Bit

NUMBER SIX – J.Cole “Forbidden Fruit” – Born Sinner 

To be honest I’m not sure why I played this so much but I remember being up at KFM with Seymore and Zach one Monday night & Seymore was like I know the sample on this!!! It’s a Tribe Called Quest!!!  and yeah, before that I was mostly playing Let Nas Down and Born Sinner but I guess after that night I must have played it quite a lot!

Runners Up: Born Sinner & In the Morning ft Drake (lol I know, I know)

NUMBER SEVEN – Lorde “Royals” – Pure Heroine 

Maaaan, big ups to Lorde and everything she’s achieved this year internationally & it still blows me away that she’s only 16!!  16 man!!  So yeah, all the very best for her at the Grammys (she’s been nominated for 4) #NZRepresent   I also think it’s cool how she came back and gave Dan Aux and the team at George FM props for being the first radio station to take a chance on her and play her music too.

NUMBER EIGHT – Petty “TellYouWhatIDontWannaBe” 

Came across Petty via The Smoking Section and I really liked his Short but Sweet mixtape.  I think I must have missed the post on his Petty Presley mixtape because I didn’t discover it until later but I’m a fan!  I really like his delivery and his lyrical content/story telling.  He’s also very entertaining on twitter.  Right now he’s on a Thot buzz though so if you find this offensive – maybe start following him in a week or 2 lol!

Runners Up: Other side of the Game & Wake yo b*tch ass up

NUMBER NINE – Jhene Aiko “Bed Peace” ft Childish Gambino – Sail Out 

To be honest I think I enjoyed Cassies mixtape more than Jhenes BUT I really liked this song and the “what I am trying to say is the love is ours to make so we should make it” chorus was always stuck in my head.

NUMBER TEN – Gee Watts “Premature Hate” – Watts Up 

Another artist I came across via The Smoking Section and he should probably be higher up in the list because I know I played his Watts Up mixtape constantly, earlier in the year and his vid for Premature Hate is doooope!  Check it out below

Runners Up:  Watts R.I.O.T, Quiet Place & WWGD

OK and now for my HONOURABLE MENTIONS because I know I played these HARD.OUT earlier in the year and so the play counts should definitely have been higher for these tracks.

Mah boys!!! The Daylight Robbery “Rollercoaster Remix”ft David Dallas, PNC & Heydon Hohaia  – The Daylight Robbery EP 

and here’s the vid to “Rollercoaster”

Big KRIT – “Multi Til The Sun Die” – King Remembered in Time 

Seriously I used to play this every morning before I’d go to work lol!  Love the vid for this too.  Also, I think KRIT needs to come to New Zealand – can someone please let him know?  Thanks!

Runner Ups:  Bigger Picture

Rihanna – “Stay” – Unapologetic 

She put on a REALLY great show here in Auckland and I was stoked to be offered a media pass so I could photograph her too.  Ticket hook-ups were also mean!  Shouts to Cecilia Sagote for that.

Runner Ups: Diamonds, Loveeeeee Song ft Future, What Now, We Found Love

And lastly – Beyonce – her whole album!! lol!

I honestly don’t think I’ve gone a day without listening to her album since it dropped and there are SO many good tracks on there – here’s a couple that made youtube

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