Anyone who knows me will tell you I’ve loved the Rock since back when he first started out in the WWE.

My extended family have all been huge wrestling fans – when we were really young we’d go and visit my Dads sister Iutita in Hamilton and my parents said that my cousins Imoa & Stevie would set the living room up with the couches & chairs in a square to form the outline of a ‘wrestling ring’ and we’d then proceed to climb up on the couches & chairs and fly off the top (like we were flying off the top rope) wrestling each other, pretending we were Jimmy Supa Fly Snooka or whoever was around in those days.  We’d then go home to our quiet, (mostly palagi/white) neighbourhood and try all our new wrestling moves out on the neighbours kids which would then result in them all running home crying lol!

Throughout my teenage years we lived in the Cook Islands but whenever we’d come back to NZ on holiday from Raro we’d all sit around for hours on end with my Freyberg cousins watching Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage & Elizabeth, Jake the Snake, Brett Hart, the British Bulldog and all the dramas & stories that went with the glorious world of WWE.  It was fricken awesome!

And then the Rock came on the scene!  Yoooooo!  You don’t understand!  Not only was he an AMAZING wrestler and hilarious with his disses ….. he was SAMOAN (well, half Samoan/half black) & really, really ridiculously good looking and so my love affair with The Rock began haha!

After I’d had my 2nd son & was at home on maternity leave, my favourite part of the day was giving him a feed because I’d sit Jirah up next to me & we’d just watch wrestling re-runs and taped episodes with The Rock in them.


Jirah as a 3 year old doing ‘The Peoples Eyebrow’ – I’d say to him “Who’s yo Daddy?” and Jig would reply “The Rock” LOL!!!  

I’ve read his book, I have his wrestling DVDs, I’ve watched every movie he’s been in except Pain & Gain (somehow I missed that at the movies – holla at me if you can hook me up with a link), I have most of his movies on DVD, I named my son after him (Rocky) & may have let my kids think the Rock *cough* was their Dad *cough* lol!  In my opinion I was The Rocks biggest fan *Kanye voice* of ALL time!!  But F for FAIL!!!  I can’t even remember why or how I came across it but I found this video of The Rock talking about the meaning of his tattoo……from back in 2012!!  Like WTF Rock you were meant to wait for me to interview you for my Ink Series – brrrrttttzzzzz lol!

So I feel like it’s only right that my first Ink Series post of 2014 is of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson talking about the meaning behind his tattoo.

“It’s the story about my life and it’s the story of my journey and bigger than me & my life & my journey are my ancestors, my culture, on my Dads side, on my Moms side, my black culture, my Samoan culture as well – all the things that are important to me ….”

Yup so thats the meaning of his tattoo guys and since I don’t have much else to say about the meaning of his tattoos I’ll just leave you all with some of my favourite pics and vid clips of him.  For any Rock fans out there I highly recommend the 3 Disc Set of The Rock ‘The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment’ – has hilarious Special features footage of his best interviews.  My kids know all his lines off by heart & I had a bit of a parenting fail when they got in trouble for repeating Rocks lines and calling some kid at their school a hermaphrodite lol.

Oh and you know The Smoking Section is my favourite site right?  and one of those reasons is because they write about wrestling too!  Shouts to David D & his coverage of The Rock & wrestling in general.  You can check out a bunch of his posts here.

And FINALLY ….. THE ROCK HAS COME TO PENINA JOYS INK SERIES …. yes, I know!  You’re welcome lol!














the rock jeans






WWE Hall of Fame 2008

That SMILE though!

NY Times 

Once in a Lifetime

Are you Lonesome Tonight 

 It doesn’t matter

Birthday tribute

Birthday tribute part 2


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