Unfailing love


It’s Good Friday today and my parents invited the kids & I to come to their church for their Good Friday service.  I’m thinking yeah, sweet we don’t have anything on at our church ….. oh epic fail just quietly!  We totally missed our churches Egg Day Out (for some reason I thought it was happening on Sunday smh!)

ANYWAYS, they had a lovely service at “Life” and played excerpts of the new movie out on Jesus’ life ‘Son of God’ (Diogo Morgado plays Jesus) and I kind of sat through it half cringing like oh man I hope this isn’t going to be as brutal as ‘Passion of the Christ’ cos thats hard to watch.

Came home & got onto watching all these interviews with Jim Caviezel who played Jesus in the ‘Passion of the Christ’ (he’s also one of my fave actors – LOVE him in Person of Interest – also gutted they killed Taraji off like whyyyyy) and in one of the interviews the interviewer says:

‘The whipping & scourging was hard to watch because it went on so long and I was literally counting the lashes – I watched people in the theatre, it was a small viewing theatre – turning their faces away because you couldn’t continue to look’ 

and Jim responds “You said something critical there – people turn their eyes away when they see it and what they’re seeing is their own sin and it is not wanting to deal at times with their own sin – it is that hard to look at and this film forces you to see yourself not the way you want to see yourself but the way God sees you”

Had a bit of a lightbulb moment there & recognised yeah, I cringe not because I’ve never seen over the top violence in films before but because I’m looking at that like flip I’m total pond scum pus not worthy and Jesus went through that for ME!!


One of my favourite worship songs is an Equippers song ‘He is Holy’ (taken from Hebrews 12:2 & Isaiah 6:3)  which sums up Easter for me perfectly:

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, author & finisher of our faith 

He’s Gods only son …

Who for the joy set before him, endured the cross, scorning it’s shame 

He did it all for us ….

For he loves us with unfailing love, his faithfulness endures forever, he is Holy, Holy”

Thats love man, Amazing, Unconditional, mind boggling LOVE and he did it all for us!


Here’s a few more of the interviews with Jim Caviezel who had some unreal experiences & stories to tell about his time portraying Jesus in the movie.  ps His portrayal of Jesus is definitely my favourite.  He’s MANLY in this.





2 responses to “Unfailing love

    • Thanks Joansey!! Yeah, same it took me a while to find online so that I could share it and I thought I was going to have to youtube it myself but finally found it – hope you guys are having a good easter xx loves to the famz

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