A good Fashion show – NZFW The Weddings Collection


NZFW – Weddings Collection goodie bag goodness 


I DO like a good fashion show especially if the little sister is walking and New Zealand Fashion Week always has a number of great labels and designer shows.  I haven’t actually been to one in a few years – the last time I’d been to one was when they held them down in the (what is now) Team Emirates boat shed. They’ve upgraded now and are down at the Viaduct Events Centre which is a nice change.

I’ve seen Leilani in a number of shows over the years such as Style Pasifika & the Villa Maria cult couture shows which are always great productions and it’s still a buzz seeing her walk #proudsistermoment  So, was of course excited when she emailed the fam to let us know she was walking in the NZ Wedding Collections show.  My parents went to the private NZFW show on Wednesday but I went to the Sunday show yesterday which was open to the public. Yesterday was the last day but there’s always next year and definitely worth getting along to if you’re into fashion or just like to see a good show.

Leilani (Lani Says) has actually blogged on a number of the shows here if you totally missed out.

…. and the pics ….

Um, I also can’t remember the names of the designers she was modelling in her sections because I was wasn’t paying attention which is probably why I’m not a fashion blogger lol but I’ve included the link to the vid of the show at the bottom which will have the designer names on it.















Oh yeah, there were other models in it too lol!


I don’t actually have time to put all of their pics up in this post but you can head over to my photography site to see more of my faves from the show or the full album is over on my facebook photography page.

Link to vid of the show here as promised.



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