Soulfood when you’re ‘Always on the Run’

I work full time, have 2 teenage boys who are very active and there are times where I feel like I’m *Lenny Kravitz voice* ‘Always on the Run’ so I kind of do things on the run – check emails on the run, eat on the run, talk to God on the run lol!

When you’re on the run it’s not always convenient to be carrying around a bible especially when some of them weigh like 5kgs but if you have a smartphone you can download the bible app.  Go to  you can choose your own verison, it has reading plans such as these ones by Rick Warren & Oswald Chambers, you can subscribe to the verse of the day and more.

Bible app


I also follow PocketFuel on instagram.  They have awesome devotionals every day like this one here

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A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. Prov 16:9 (NKJV) It’s important to live life with purpose. Having a ‘purpose’ gives you direction, helps you make major decisions, keeps you moving, and sets you on a decisive path. Stagnant life is just like stagnant water… It gets murky, blocked up, smelly, trapped… We weren’t designed to be murky creatures of nothing. God created us with, and for, great purpose. Sure – it’s nice to have days where we have ‘no plans’ – nothing to do and no one to see… no pressure, just rest. But a whole life of that??? It gets you nowhere. Where do you want to be in ten years – WHO do you want to be in five years? Start making plans in your heart. Get moving in life. When we make plans and start walking them out, we get momentum, and our momentum gives God room to direct our steps. Many years ago a wise man gave me some advice, he said to make plans and decisions, get some direction, but keep them fluid – don’t set them in concrete. Keep your heart and life open for God to come and direct those plans and ultimately direct your heart. Move them around, if needed, to line up with His word and purpose. A lot of us ‘sit around waiting’ for direction from God. Or wondering what our purpose is. I used to get so worried about ‘what my destiny was’, or what ‘God’s will’ for me was, that I was almost too anxious to do anything at all in case it wasn’t the right thing (hence the advice above from my friend). If this is you, have a look at what you’ve got right in front you… what are you naturally good at? What do you LOVE to do? Just start there. Get moving. God is waiting for you to draw near to Him, to step out in faith – He will direct your steps. Your heart is of high value to God; in directing your steps He will always keep, protect, love, inspire, encourage and nurture your heart. SO dream big, make plans, get moving and allow him to direct your steps. Have an awesome day.

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Makes it easier to take some time out for some SoulFood when you’re always on the run






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