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I’ve been meaning to do a playlist to go with my “5 minutes with David Dallas” interview I posted a couple of months ago.  I had asked him what his personal fave songs were so thought I’d do a playlist of my own faves but it’s honestly been so hard to be ruthless and cut it down to my Top 10 so it’s probably going to have to be my Top 20.

I help out Gotty & the The Smoking Section with their playlists on Spotify – (they put together the lists and I load them up on to Spotify for them)  I just finished a whole bunch of them for their Primer Series eg Top 10 Ginuwine Songs Everyone Should Know and was kinda like heeeeey I could do something similar for Dave so half of these are songs that I feel everyone should know if you’re a fan & half of them are my own personal faves including tracks that he’s been featured on.  Keeping in mind I’m no music/hip hop expert.  These are just my personal opinion/faves.  Feel free to let me know what your favourite DDot tracks are in the comments!

ALSO, massive congratulations to Dave on his 5 Vodafone NZ Music Awards nominations for 2014.

He’s been nominated for:  Best Single, Best Video (Tom Gould for Runnin), Best male solo, Best Hip Hop album & Peoples Choice.  VNZMAs take place TONIGHT 20th of November with David Dallas & his band The Daylight Robbery opening the night!  If you can’t make the live show I believe Channel 4 will be screening it live.

All the best Ddot!!

So in no particular order here we go ….

“Lost in Translation” – ft Aaradhna (NZ music awards version only) 

Album:  ‘Borrowed Time’

Back when the bro Ddot was Conpsy from Frontline!  A really personal track about the relationship between him and his brother (who is deaf).  Rads wasn’t actually the vocalist featured on his album but I wish she was – every time I watch this I get chills – her vocals set the song off perfectly!  I’ve always thought this is one of Daves best live performances at the music awards too!  Vid from the NZ Music Awards 2006

Official video with the original vocalist featured on Frontlines ‘Borrowed Time’ album.  A Lani Says cameo at 2:09 there too


“Big Time” 

Album:  ‘Something Awesome’ 

“So you gotta reach for that money, keep receipts for that money, they gon’ leach all that money when you least need it, but we hit the big time, soon we’ll hit the big time ….”  

The visuals were shot & directed by Special Problems  and Kanye West gave his seal of approval when he featured it on his site not long after it was released.


“Take a Picture”

Album:  ‘The Rose Tint’

I’m just a simple man just tryin to do really big things, from the land of flightless birds bout to grow really big wings”

This is always a crowd favourite at Daves live shows too “So you should take a picture kachiiiiiiiek”


“Ever get the Feeling”

EP:  ‘Buffalo Man’

“Put that compass on the deck, drawin out my circle now, if you ain’t in it, you ain’t down, f#%k the critics, f$%k the clowns, ain’t no limits, ain’t no bounds ….”  

First time I heard this verse was actually on the George FM freestyle with P-Money, Scribe & PNC when they were promoting the Dirty 10 year anniversary 



Album:  ‘Falling into place’

Easily the song of the year for me – it was no surprise that it won the NZ on Air most radio plays at the Pacific Music Awards.  Certified platinum, it’s also featured on the FIFA2014 video game & the Madden 25 trailer .  One of those tracks that’ll motivate you to get off your ass & do something with your life!

“Get it while I’m livin’ all I ever hear is the clock tick, tick, tickin so I’m bout my business and I’m Runnin, I’m runnin, I’m runnin with you now, they don’t wanna give it up, we gon’ make it out” ….


“Indulge Me” ft Devolo

Album:  ‘Something Awesome’ 

The first single Dave released as a solo artist and as David Dallas.  Prior to this track coming out he was Conpsy from FrontLine.  It was also the first time we got to hear production from the brothers Fire & Ice.  One of my all time fave David Dallas tracks.


“Victoria Harbour” 

Single produced by P-Money 

Dave bein a rappin’ ass rapper 


“Caught in a Daze” ft Freddie Gibbs 

Album:   The Rose Tint 

Another one of my all time fave Ddot tracks featuring one of my all time fave rappers – Gangsta Gibbs.  

“I’m kickin back feelin good on a Friday, ain’t lettin all the bullshit get in my way, know that I stay, caught in a daze, caught in a daze, caught in a daze, I’m in a good mood don’t mess with my high, things are lookin up you can see in my eye, so you know I’m caught in a daze, caught in a daze, caught in a daze ….”


“Southside” ft Sid Diamond & Mareko 

Album:  Falling into Place 

South Auckland represent!

…..”The boys from the Southside but we represent it with pride, when you feel you come from the bottom, til you reach the top ain’t no stoppin the boys from the Southside ….”


“Pay Off” 


“Tint Squad in the buildin always laughin at some stupid shit, but we on some ruthless shit, slow it down like Houston shit, and your advice like politics cos I ain’t got no use for it, I stay runnin round doin my thing, Daylight Robbery the crew that I bring, somethin like Mike in pursuit of my ring, eyes on the prize every time that I swing …..”

I’d just like to point out some of the vid is shot at the same spot where some of the ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ video is shot – in front of the Unisphere at Flushing Meadows in Queens, New York 


“Get out the way Remix” ft Mr Sicc & Tek 

EP:  Something Now 

Sid Diamonds older brother Carlos aka Mr Sicc & Tek from Red Eye Society on the Get out the Way remix – too choice!


“Night Time” 

Album:  Borrowed Time (Frontline)

Dave paints a picture of a night out on the town and lol @ P-Moneys voicemail at the end.  

“On some Matthew Ridge shit no-one thinks that I’m funny …..” haaa!  


“The Wire” ft Ruby Frost 

Album:  Falling into Place 

The opening track on ‘Falling into Place’ featuring Ruby Frost.  When the album came out Ruby had just finished a season as a judge on X-Factor NZ and I think prior to that no-one had really heard of her (although I think Dave said she has a huge underground following in her genre) I know I for one was really curious to hear how she’d sound on a hip hop track and she’s great – she gives the track a really unique sound!  It was Daves 2nd single to go Gold off ‘Falling into Place’ 

“As kiwi kids it ain’t in our nature to boast, so we be playin things down we be making jokes, in case we choke rather make out like we didn’t try, than bear the shame that we built a plane that didn’t fly ….”


“Never Met” 

Album:  Something Awesome 

The last track on Something Awesome it’s always been a fave of mine off that album – it’s upbeat & catchy.

I do dis brada, this music brada, I tell em don’t judge a book by its cover, yeah, I’m from South Aucks that don’t make me thick brada and I aint tryna rep a gang wearin this colour, I aint got beef with him, her or this fulla, I like chicks but ain’t much of a strip clubber ….”


Time is Now” & “Walk With Me” (Frontline)

Album:  Borrowed Time 

Deeply personal tracks, the lyrics really grabbed me and kind of stopped me in my tracks the first time I listened to them!



“Sideline” ft Che Fu 

Album:  The Rose Tint 

This track features Che Fu a NZ music legend in his own right.  Che Fu is also being honoured tonight with a Legacy Award at the NZ Music awards with the group he started out with – SuperGroove.  


The first time ft Sid Diamond, Jordache & Niko
Album: Something Awesome 
This track always cracks me up especially Sids verse.  The boys talk about their first experiences with pakalolo lol!
Life is …. (Interlude)
Album:  The Rose Tint
Great stories don’t always get told, ask Saigon, I just hope these songs click with people like a Nikon, ironic cos for that I need for them to click the icon, hit the ‘Save as’ Menu button, yeah the right one.
It also features the David Brent (The Office UK) voice over at the end …
Life is just a series of peaks and troughs and you don’t know whether you’re in a trough until you’re climbing out or on a peak until you’re coming down. And that’s it, you know, you never know what’s round the corner, but it’s all good. And, you know… “If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain’


My last two are both off his latest “Falling into Place” album and yeah, I think I’ve gone over 20 songs but there’s just too many goodies I couldn’t leave out.  I’ve already cut about 10 that have been on heavy rotation over the years and thats not even counting some of his mean features.

My Mentality ft Freddie Gibbs 


Gotta Know ft Rokske 


And for a few of my all time fave features with the likes of Scribe, P-Money, PNC & The Doqument

Not Many (The Remix)  – Scribe ft Savage & David Dallas 


Who Better than this Remix – PNC ft Scribe, Sid Diamond, David Dallas, Mareko & Louie Knuxx


Legacy – The Doqument ft David Dallas


100 Cups Part 2 – PNC ft David Dallas, Jordache & Pieter T






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