Mangere aerial view

Aerial photo c/- Mangere Bridge Village 

I’ve lived in Mangere Bridge for the last 9 or 10 years and I’m ashamed to say I’d never done any kind of exercise up Mangere Mountain besides playing Bball on the half court by the park.  In fact I’ve only been up the mountain (on purpose lol) once before and that was because The Society crew decided to do sunset shots one time about a year or so ago.  I go running AROUND the mountain all the time ….. on the road …. but never up the mountain lol!

Yooooo!  Mountain running/climbing is a new level of fitness!  I thought I was getting fit pounding the streets until my good buddy Johnson dragged me out with him on his Mountain run which has now become our Saturday morning tradition and I still can’t run the whole thing.

In case you’re in the Mangere area and want to try this – we measured it out one time with the Nike Run app & it was about 6km the route we do.  Feel free to change it up but this is a good route to start with.  Apologies for the sucky quality of my pics (taken on my phone)

Stairs for a warm up (or not)


Run up past the Bball court, over the fence up the small hill and to the left ….


(Like my cool arrows? lol!  Shout out to my sister Talia for helping me with these babies.


Run down to the left and then when you can see the mountain below to your right, turn to the right and follow the track down and up.  Confession:  I’m scared of heights so I have yet to stand up all the way – I get to a certain point and then have to get down and kinda crawl up the rest of the mountain while I’m telling myself “Don’t look dooooown!” lol!


Get to the top and head to the right …..


and round the back side of the mountain …..


…. and up and along the next mountain ridge, running back down towards the spot you hit the first peak at …


This little hill tho – it looks like it’ll be way easier but Johnson insists on sprinting it (sigh!)  so he sprints and I hobble up as fast as I can lol! and then huff and puff my way up the 2nd rise and up round the back of the mountain again …


and along this ridge …..


and down the other side …


We run back round past where we popped up from the Bball court and come out at one of the other entrances here


and run round to the car park at the bottom of the stairs ….

and thaaaaaaats us – wanna try it?!  Just head for the Mangere Mountain once you get off the Mangere Bridge exits along the South Western motorway.






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