Best ofs – My pictures in 2014

….. i DO like – Best Ofs lists and the last couple of months or so I’ve done quite a bit of shooting!  I know it’s 2015 but before I moved into this year I thought I’d say cheers to 2014 & look back at some of my fave pics I shot or reblogged throughout the year.

Got the idea from the New York Times who did their year in pictures here – definitely worth checking out.  There’s some really amazing images and I think for the most part looking through them it made me really thankful that I live in New Zealand which is war & ebola free!

So here’s mine – they’re all images that I’ve either shot myself, reblogged on tumblr or posted on my IG.  Have tried to keep it to a maximum of 3 or 4 pics per month.  Where I’ve included the link to the archived shots, once you go through to that page you can click on the image and it’ll take you through to the actual post.

Like John Gotty says – “Whoever controls the images, controls the culture”

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Lets step into 2015 like  ….




Jan - Lani2

Got to tag along on a photo shoot with The Society brethren & Lucko Photography.  Was pretty cool that the subject turned out to be my little sister Leilani aka Lani Says – loved the shots I took of her but definitely check out Luckos in the link above.  He used amazing filters & different lighting.  Was awesome to see a professional at work.

Jan - Sunset

Sunset out at Bucklands Beach outside one of LTD Entertainments Sunday Sessions – this was after the 1st Sunday session I went to with my Sunday Sessions crew – Jons, Pip & Upu.  For some reason I’d had to leave early that night so left just as the sun was setting and caught a few really cool shots. 

Neneh Cherry

I love finding old school pics on tumblr like this one of Neneh Cherry from back in the day – ‘Early Influencer’   I used to copy how she spelt her name when she came out with Buffalo Stance lol!   

My brother was working security at The PowerStation the night Snoop performed here in Auckland.  He took me backstage after the concert to meet him & Tha Dogg Pound 

More pics that I shot in January on my Photography Tumblr page here & for more of my fave images from around the net that I reblogged in January click here



Feb - Waitangi Day crowd

Got to shoot the bro Ddot and his band The Daylight Robbery at their Waitangi Day performance which was PACKED!  The Southside turned up that day!  

Feb - J.Cole2

My awesome friend Johnson Raela hooked me up with a ticket in the VIP section to Rapture2014 which David Dallas & TDR opened for.  Eminem was amazing!  He did a full 90 minute set non-stop.  LOVED J.Coles performance too.  This photograph was taken by the bro Raymond Sagapolutele aka Rimoni who got to shoot the show.  He did this one off print for a fan.  Too cool! 

Feb - NYC

NYC through the lens of Dennis Branko  – I love NYC, it’s still one of my favourite cities in the world and I love seeing NYC through other peoples eyes and be like ‘Yeah, I’ve been there!’ or ‘Man next time I’m there I gotta go there!’

Travel tips in Kia Ora Magazine.  As part of my job at Air NZ Holidays we’d put together the travel tips for the destinations we looked after.  I’ve started posting them up on the blog.  You can check out more of them here

More pics that I shot in February on my Photography Tumblr page here & for more of my fave images from around the net that I reblogged in February click here



Mar - Destiny

My niece Destiny Momoisea was Papatoetoe High Schools taupou for their Samoan Group.  She did such a great job – beautiful and graceful

Mar - Jig

Jirah and his friend Naea about to go on stage to perform with St Pauls Samoan Group.  March was all about Polyfest lol!

Mar - Swing

I LOVE swings!  I could swing for hours!  Image source: Fuckyeahphotography 

My sister runs an #InstaMarch challenge on both her Instagram and blog.  This year she added in a Lip-Sync Selfie vid as part of the challenge.  I did Tupacs ‘Life Goes On’ with assistance from my son Jirahs toes.  Every time I watch this it cracks me up! 

More pics that I shot in March including vids & more photos from Polyfest on my Photography Tumblr page here & for more of my fave images from around the net that I reblogged in March click here



Apr - Joe

Was asked to shoot the New Life conference out at the Vodafone Events Centre.  My brother-in-law Joseph performed with his group ‘Unison’

Apr - Rocky

Lani Says ran a ‘Month of N’ feature on her blog to promote her modelling agency and for the shoot that she modelled in she asked if she could borrow mine & my sister Talias kids.  Here my younger son Rocky makes his modelling debut.  You can check out the full shoot by Karen Ishiguro on Lani Says here


Been feenin’ for these Jordan kicks pretty much all year lol!  Also, I love Riris style.  I’d pretty much wear everything in her wardrobe apart from her see-through stuff.   Image Source:  FuckYeahRihanna

Did the Nike 10km challenge with Lani – this was us after the race.  I posted the Nike Challenge running plan here a couple months later.

More pics that I shot in April on my Photography Tumblr page here & for more of my fave images from around the net that I reblogged in April click here



May - Beach

Palm Beach, Reblogged via Daily Movement.  Shot by Cedric Jacquot.  Love water shots and love the water even though waves freak me out which could be a hangover from the time I nearly drowned in Tahiti.

May - Gary

One of The Society bros – Brendan Kitto – held an exhibition of his photography at Liv & Askews studio.  This shot is my fave.  It’s taken of a friend of his, Gary Silipa when he was working on a wall.  


Tupac X Kidada – Going through my Tumblr archive I can see I pretty much reblog at least one pic of Pac a month lol! I like coming across ones like these that I haven’t seen before.  Image Source:  Conscious Mab

Good friends are Gold!  With one of my bffs Del Smith after a hard day at work where I’d got in a fight with my manager and then ended up getting awarded with ‘Employee of the Month’ later that day lol!  Long story!  



June - Lauie

I shot my cousin Lauie Sila for his theatre groups promo posters – I know he’s looking all mean in this shot but I actually really love it lol!  Go the lip curl.  My sister Talia did the graphics. 

June - Rock

Because my love affair with The Rock is still going strong lol!  

Jun - stretch

This little kid just casually stretching on the tree though lol!  Image Source:  Gutsanduppercuts

Travel!  Save up and make time for it!  If I had the money I’d travel at least 2 or 3 times a year.  2014 I travelled to Niue which I’ll blog about soon.

Only posted one shot in June that I’d taken which was the one above of my cousin Lauie.   Here’s some of my fave images from around the net that I reblogged in June here



July - Rocky


July in NZ is mid winter and the middle of mid-winter sports.  My younger son Rockys team went on to win the Auckland Under 13s tournament.

July - Laugh

July the 11th was my last day at my job (I resigned in June) I actually loved my job but the company we were forced to merge with and work under …. yeah, not so much.  By the time I left there was no more laughter in that workplace.  Decided that life is too short to put up with any more of AOT’s bs because ‘Muhf#%kas never loved us!’ REMEMBER lol!  Shouts to Hayley and Fale who endured AOTs bs with me the longest and to Felina, Jax & Liz who copped the worst of it at the end.

My farewell from Air NZ Holidays drinks at my old workplace GO Holidays with a couple of my bff girls and Mama Tanz lol!  Lanz & Dave came to drive me home and dropped off my girls Sharma & Rowena too.  Ro was quite crunked and was being her usual self cracking us up and we’d stopped at the lights in Kingsland where she must have seen Dave properly cos she suddenly clicked that my bro-in-law Dave is also ‘David Dallas’  and was like OMG!!! Are you David Dallas?!  NINA!!!  Is David Dallas driving me home?!  omg you guys!  La di fricken da!  David Dallas is driving me home!  TOOOOOO funny Ro!

Jul - DR Family

L-R Devolo, Iopu, Brotha D & Mareko plus Frisko sitting in the front

Must have finally got around to posting the Dawn Raid anniversary pics in July you can check out the rest of them here.   Here’s some of my fave images from around the net that I reblogged in July as well.



Aug - Dave

Behind the scenes with David Dallas on his ‘Southside’ video shoot at the Otahuhu Bus Depot.

Aug - Lani

Got to shoot my little sister Leilani in the NZFW Weddings special  


How adorable is Blue with her ‘I woke up like dis! Flawless!’ hands watching her Mama perform!  Gif Source:  John Gotty

Visiting my little Nana Joy with my sisters Talia and Leilani down in Palmerston North

More shots that I took in August here and for some of my fave images from around the net that I reblogged in August click here.



Sep - Jirah

My son Jirah made the Auckland Central Under 16s rugby squad.  Proud Mama moment

Sep - Alvin


Alvin Smith – Shot some of the Village games down at Aorere Park and ran into both Alvin and his twin Aaron (who was playing for Marist).  Hoping to get them for my Ink Series soon.  They’re my homie Dels younger brothers

Sep - Ink


Ink!  The Ink series kicked off this blog but I just realised I only did ONE Ink Series post all 2014 – terrible!  Best be looking for some more Ink Series volunteers. Image source:  YoumakemeIncredible

Charlie Hunnam!  (Sigh!) September marked the beginning of the final season of SOA waaaaaaah!  

More shots that I took in September here and for some of my fave images from around the net that I reblogged in September click here.



Oct - Doqument

Shot ‘The Doqument’ album release at one of the clubs in K-Road.  Can’t remember the name but I remember catching up with my mate Dirty Diana who was on the VIP bar that night lol!


Oct - Lani

Did a little shoot with Lani for her WTW (Wear Things Wednesday) segment over on her Lani Says blog.  Love this shot of her!


Oct - Sunset

Went night shooting with The Society in Pakuranga – tried to grab a sunset shot at the last minute



Bey Shooting!  I love Life + Times ‘Respect the Shooter’ series – they feature a lot of really cool photographers like Aviva Klein, Ajani Charles, Jamil GS and more – you can check them out here 

Once again my awesome friend Johnson came through with the hook ups to ‘Soulfest’ and bought me a ticket!  Unfortunately due to a combination of drinking games pre-Soulfest and his mean as mixes he didn’t quite make it to the end lol!  One of about 10 selfies I’d taken with peeps I ran into there.  Shot Fasi!  

More shots that I took in October here and for some of my fave images from around the net that I reblogged in October click here.



Nov - Ezra

My nephew Ezra Jordan Brown


Nov - Stan

Got to shoot the VNZMA red carpet for CoconetTV & Fresh TV.  Shouts to Mario for hooking up the photo pass island styles lol!  This was my favourite look – Lou Tyson (Stan Walkers gf)

Speaking of the VNZMAs, also did a quick photo shoot with Lani and Dave at their place in Pap before heading in.  Dave opened the awards with The Daylight Robbery and then went on to win ‘Best Urban Hip Hop’ album and ‘Best Male Solo Artist’

Nov - shot

LOVE this shot!!  Image Source:  Elijahdom 

Nov - Timbs

This gorgeous little kid in her timbs – I need me a new pair myself!  Image Source:  freshgoodsjoe

More shots that I took in November including more of the VNZMA red carpet shots here and for some of my fave images from around the net that I reblogged in November click here.



Dec - Jons

Brother love – my friend Johnson welcoming his brother back with the crew of Marumaru Atua from their World Wide Vaka voyage.  


Dec - LTD

Shot the LTD Entertainment Rugby League Fight Night – Allan & Renz sons shaking hands before they jump out of the ring after the half time entertainment.

Dec - Radz

RAGGAMUFFIN 2014!!  My best Raggaz yet!! Shouts to Brotha D, Liselle & P-Money from Frequency Media Group for their help with getting the media pass.  I’ve shot Radzy quite a few times over the last couple of years but this is probably my favourite shot of her so far.

Dec - Me

A major highlight of Raggaz this year was getting to ask Ice Cube a few questions at the Media Conference.  Shouts to Gotty for helping me with a couple of the Q’s.  Was also really cool getting to see him perform with his son O’Shea Jackson Jr who will play him in the NWA biopic.  Vids of the interview and Ice Cube performing “Gangsta Nation” with his son and WC after the jump.  Image above shot by Raymond Sagapolutele

NWA Balmain

Hows this NWA Balmain Compton pic though.  Not sure if it was an actual Balmain ad campaign but Freddie Gibbs manager Archie posted it – you could ask him lol!  Image Source:  ArchBonkers

For more of my Raggamuffin pics you can check some of my faves out on my tumblr here or over on my PeninaJoy facebook page here 

For more of my favourite images from around the web in December click here




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