Yup this is me ripped jeans n all lol

My mate Volo had given me the idea to tell peoples stories behind their tattoos.  I had started posting the Ink Series stories as well as random posts up on my tumblr until one of my favourite bloggers – John Gotty of The Smoking Section emailed me and told me I was messing up his tumblr feed with my posts and to get a real blog hahaha Shot Gotty!  Appreciated the email so this ones for you lol  About the same time a mate of mine – Niko (check him out in the Ink series here) told me he really liked reading my ramblings & encouraged me to keep at it which was a huge confidence boost to actually just Do It – Nike 🙂   Yup, so this blog is pretty much posts on the things & people in life that fascinate me, inspire me or have fascinating & inspiring stories imo because I’m Curious George lol

I also work in travel so thought I’d post up some travel tips on my favourite destinations in the world because I’m always getting asked for advice on where to go/what to do and I recycle the emails I send people (sssshhhh don’t tell anyone lol) and figure I may as well post these up too.

Other Shouts to:

My sister Talia who is a graphic designer and set me up on Word Press.  She patiently put up with my ignorance of all things technical lol  Check out her website at http://taliadesign.co.nz/

My sister Leilani who is killing it in the blogsphere with her awesome blog Lani Says – check her out on Lanisays.com

Volo who kick started the Ink Series & all the guys who didn’t mind me bugging them asking for pics of their tattoos & why they got them including Danz who answered all my questions on the Horsemen Family & gave us the codes on 86ers lol

Vanu my gorgeous model & friend

Mi Trikers for the #LAAAAAAAAAUGHS

& last but totes not least special shouts to Del Smith for putting up with ALL my never ending stories panda eyes and all and for always giving me AWESOME advice like:  “You can’t be a dick all your life Penz” which is like ………. yeah, no words!!  lol

God Bless xo

Contact me:  penina76@gmail.com


9 responses to “About

  1. hiya, would like to give you SUGA magazine to review? Giving a free e mag to top bloggers, lemme know if ur interested in reading Samoa’s first young womans magazine, cheers

  2. Love it!!! Well done Penz xo had lots of LOL moments and then the random stares from people with their “What a weirdo” hater alligator expressions!!! All worth the creepy stares LOL. Great reading and visuals 🙂 Lots of love x your west side familia 🙂

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