Better Living with Ezra Taylor

Ezra Taylor will be doing a regular health and fitness feature here to help keep us motivated, keep us on the right track with our own health and fitness and to give us some tips on both. Before he starts I thought I’d catch up with him to see what he’s been up to since his Telesa modelling days 😉

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Better Living Everybody

I’ve noticed people are a lot more health conscious these days and with summer just around the corner I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing lately to TRY and keep in shape, give you a couple of inspirational stories and an abs workout.

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Lani Wendt-Young – Author of the Telesa Series

In her own words “In between writing books about strong, vibrant Pacific women, fabulous gifted fa’afafine ( with some tattooed, chiselled men added in for good measure) I’m also a blogger, mother of the Fabulous Five, a Demented Domestic Goddess, Wife of Hot Man, Long-Time-Ago-English Teacher, Dancer Only When Nobody’s Looking, and Baker of Too Many Desserts…”

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